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Dar al Islam

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  • Chidester, Dianne (Jefferson)
    I attended Dar al Islam in 1998. It was a very intense two weeks, but very enlightening. (Classes ran from early morning and continued after dinner.) We had
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2004

      I attended Dar al Islam in 1998.  It was a very intense two weeks, but very enlightening.  (Classes ran from early morning and continued after dinner.)  We had some of the top thinkers and philosophers of Islam (not all were Muslims; some were converts; some were born into Islam) who spent hours with us.   Even though I had been interested in Islam for many years, this program really taught me a lot.


      The participants were from all levels of education, though primarily high school teachers.  They really seemed to like the mix of levels among their students.


      Students live on the premises in the medressa (school) and meals are provided.  The scenery is spectacular.


      If anyone needs letters of support or more information, please let me know.




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      Diane, please do let me and others know...we need to know so much more about Islamic cultural realities and mainstream religious practices.  At my college an Islamic professor from Palestine is being persecuted by the FBI, trying to pressure him to testify against his Florida colleague under indictment.  The media and law enforcers have terrorized (literally) his 3 and five year old children and wife with early morning assaults on his home and privacy (he is a citizen with his citizenship and freedom being threatened for raising money for Palestinian causes)  He has been shunned by even former friends and ecumenical organizations in which he has been an active supporter for his entire nine-year stay in our community.  I supported him publicly and have been pressured by friends and colleagues not to do so because of the current climate of guilt by association!  Please friends of  our democratic values,  work to support candidates in the coming elections who have the courage to support the values of free speech, cultural pluralism,  separation of church and state and fair competition without monopolies before we all lose what is left of our free society.

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      There’s even an article in SACC Notes about it.  If anyone’s interested, I’ll be happy to talk about.  It was very worthwhile for me and they really like having community college folks.   -- Dianne


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      looks like a good concept-I believe that Diane Chidester participated in this program at one time...

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      Teachers Institutes on Understanding and Teaching About Islam

      Posted by request:

      Teachers Institutes on Understanding and Teaching About Islam July 6-18, 2004 Abiquiu, New Mexico

      Dar al Islam is pleased to offer a residential two-week Teachers Institute during the summer of 2004. Classes on Islamic faith, practice, history and culture are taught by university professors from the U. S. and abroad. Participants will become more familiar with teaching resources, as well as techniques for integrating them into the social studies, religion or world history curriculum.

      The institute takes place at the Dar al Islam mosque and madressa (school)--a world-renowned North African-style adobe structure that sits on a mesa of the Sangre de Christo Mountain range, one hour north of Santa Fe.

      There is no charge to educators who attend this program. Participants pay only for their travel to New Mexico, and personal expenses. There are also three graduate credits available through Highland University of New Mexico for those teachers who elect to pay for them. Easy registration for credit is on site. Dar al Islam will provide books, art supplies, supplementary materials, room and board, as well as in-state transportation at no cost to the teachers. For information on applying see the Dar al Islam web site at [www.daralislam.org] or contact the director, Karima Alavi at PO Box 180, Abiquiu, New Mexico 87510 / (505) 685-4584 or mailto:kdalavi@.... The application deadline is April 5, 2004.





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