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      Dear Colleague.

      I thought you would be interested to know that the book MEGAPROJECTS AND
      RISK: AN ANATOMY OF AMBITION by Nils Bruzelius, Werner Rothengatter, and
      myself was recently published by Cambridge University Press.

      The book offers a political and economic anthropology of megaprojects. I
      include the Table of Contents below for your information. First chapter,
      etc. may be found at:
      UK: http://uk.cambridge.org/sociology/megaprojects/
      US: http://us.cambridge.org/features/megaprojects/

      Our research is ongoing and we would appreciate any information you may
      have on megaprojects we could include in future research.

      I hope this is useful. Please feel free to forward this message to any
      relevant person or listserv. If this mail is of no interest to you, I
      apologise for the inconvenience. Also apologies for any cross posting.

      Best wishes,

      Bent Flyvbjerg, Professor
      Dept. of Development and Planning
      Aalborg University, 9220 Aalborg, Denmark
      Homepage: www.plan.auc.dk/~flyvbjerg

      1. The Megaprojects Paradox
      2. A Calamitous History of Cost Overrun
      3. The Demand for Megaprojects
      4. Substance and Spin in Megaproject Economics
      5. Environmental Impacts and Risks
      6. Regional and Economic Growth Effects
      7. Dealing with Risk
      8. Conventional Megaproject Development
      9. Lessons of Privatisation
      10. Four Instruments of Accountability
      11. Accountable Megaproject Decision Making
      12. Beyond the Megaprojects Paradox
      Appendix. Risk and Accountability at Work: A Case Study

      Inspection copies available at:
      UK: http://uk.cambridge.org/textbooks/ or by email at
      US: Lourina McQuilkin at lmcquilkin@...

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