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FW: Hieroglyphs for Travelers

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      Subject: Hieroglyphs for Travelers

      The Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego Society is
      offering a FREE copy of the new book Hieroglyphs for Travelers by Thomas F.
      Mudloff and Ronald E. Fellows, to all participants in our tour of Egypt
      February 5-19, 2000.

      Travelers to Egypt stand in awe as they view the magnificent temples,
      tombs, and monuments. These ancient structures are covered with
      hieroglyphic writing that records the names of the pharaohs, their queens,
      their nobles, their gods, and their adventures. There are magical
      formulas and curses that few tourists can read or understand.
      NOW YOU CAN!

      Although the complete study of the hieroglyphic writing is the work
      of a lifetime, Hieroglyphs for Travelers teaches you to translate the names,
      certain sign groups and funerary formulas directly into English...in
      minutes. It is a field guide prepared by Egyptologists for travelers.
      Imagine the thrill of, not only seeing, but seeing and understanding. You
      will read the glyphs on Hatshepsut's obelisk at Koranic, read an inscription
      on Tutankhamon's alabaster cup in the Cairo Museum, and yes, read the curse
      in the Tomb of Idu...then enter, if you dare.

      But there's more: Hieroglyphs for Travelers is also an
      indispensable guide to ancient Egypt that directs you to its enchanting
      secrets--site by site.

      Hieroglyphs for Travelers is scheduled for publication this month,
      September 1999. ISBN 0-939968-02-9, Library of Congress Card Number

      For information about our tour of Egypt see our Web page itinerary at
      http://www.theglyph.com/itin.html <http://www.theglyph.com/itin.html> and
      reserve your free copy.
      Questions? E-mail rfellows@... <mailto:rfellows@...>

      Ron Fellows, CM, Editor, The Glyph
      Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego
      International Association of Egyptologists
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