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  • Lewine, Mark
    Yes- to those who could not make it to the AAA mtg., some highlights and lowlights: 1. SACC representatives at the Section Assembly were glad to hear the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 24, 2003
      Yes- to those who could not make it to the AAA mtg., some highlights and
      1. SACC representatives at the Section Assembly were glad to hear the
      outgoing President, Don Brennais, again celebrate SACC as having a
      significant role in the future of anthropology education and of course,
      remind everyone that SACC has the most enjoyable meetings with a warm
      inclusive group. We were also fed several hours of confusing
      information about the new AnthroSource package that AAA has developed to
      bring our publishing and data bases for research into the digital
      information era. It is not clear as to how much this will cost each
      section initially and in the future, but it will allow a larger
      readership for our journal. Our own discussion centered on the need to
      continue our print version which has already attained serious
      recognition due to the quality of Lloyd's fine editorship. Lloyd Miller
      and Mel Johnson will lead our response to this, as they have spent much
      time and energy getting information. Mel has also worked up an
      endowment campaign for our future which will be presented and discussed
      at the April SACC meeting. Finally, Kathleen Terry-Sharp
      [ksharp@..., AAA's Academic Affairs staff person,] announced that
      she has won on SACC's behalf, special consideration for free listing of
      our Anthropology Programs and Departments on the electronic version, 22
      of us have sent this in to her, PLEASE ADD YOUR College's information on
      this! E-mail her if you want help in doing this. Also, she will be
      sending around the community college institutional membership for $100
      per institution, for which each college member will receive 5 copies of
      our journal, "Teaching Anthropology", and other services.

      2. SACC had,as usual, an excellent "Current Issues in the 5 Fields"
      session, well-attended and well-done due to Omara Abe's 3rd consecutive
      session organization and leadership and Becky Stein's program work with

      3. SACC's recent collaboration with NASA, the student section in AAA,
      resulted in one highly successful session and one not so successful,
      with mixed reviews. The Invited Session on "The Spirit of Anthropology"
      with Philippe Bourgois (Margaret Mead Award winner) representing current
      ethnography, Laura Nader (Distinguished Lecture, 2000) as discussant,
      and Mark Lewine presenting from the community college perspective and
      representing SACC, was filled with graduate students, SACC silver-backs,
      and others. A very lively discussion took place with Nader, Bourgois
      and the NASA people asking for further collaboration with SACC in the
      The other session was poorly organized and resulted in SACC leaders
      resolving to control the organization of future collaborative sessions,
      to share negotiated time, and to share lead responsibilities.

      4. SACC's Board and Business meeting was very well-run with Bob Muckle
      ending his tenure as SACC president by once again, steering the volatile
      leadership with a smile and the threat of his trusty dog King, into a
      well-oiled machine that finishes its business on time! We passed around
      the AnthroSource material, improved our strategy to collaborate with
      other sections for our mutual benefit, passed the mantle of SACC
      president to Phil Naftaly who shared his plans for an exciting SACC-Fest
      session April 1-3 in Montreal: great hotel value with superb location,
      outstanding speakers and field trips, another great opportunity to
      revitalize the spirit of our overworked teachers with the SACC Family!!
      Get your registration in and bring colleagues!

      5. AAA's staff member for grants and gifts has assured me that he will
      make our community college need-based scholarship program a priority for
      funding, beginning in January. As I was delighted that, after 10 years
      of work by your SACC leadership, the AAA Minority Scholarship program
      now includes community colleges and associates degrees by name, I
      started the contribution with a token $10 to the specific SACC
      Scholarship Fund for Community Colleges, (based on our previously acted
      upon resolve to fund students from 'socially under-represented
      populations' with demonstrated needs in a 'pipeline' to anthropology
      majors from cc's. AAA will now have a fund within the scholarship
      campaign with our name on it and entirely focused on our students and he
      will seek grants and gifts.

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      Hi! It was great to see those of you who made it to the AAA. Congrats
      to everyone who did such a great job making SACC's presence known.

      I found out that "Dead Birds" has been remastered and is going to be
      released on DVD. (I'm not sure of the time frame.) Heider said that it
      was beautiful color that none of them had seen since the early 70's. It
      will also have commentary by Robert Gardner and others.



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      ADDRESS!!) for meeting materials, newsletters, etc.

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