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  • Ann Kaupp
    Mark, you might want to contact Bev Chiarulli BEVC@grove.iup.edu chair of the Public Education Committee. ... Phil, Bob, Tony, etc., should we make such a
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 17, 2003
      Mark, you might want to contact Bev Chiarulli BEVC@...
      chair of the Public Education Committee.

      >>> mark.lewine@... 11/17/03 02:49PM >>>
      Phil, Bob, Tony, etc., should we make such a proposal to the Board for
      Montreal? Yes?

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      From: Susan Gillespie [mailto:sgillesp@...]
      Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003 7:29 PM
      To: Lewine, Mark
      Subject: Re: FW: SAA&SACC??

      Dear Mark,

      Well, this is a very interesting coincidence! I think it's a
      good idea, but because Montreal is SAA (and not AAA-AD), I suggest you
      make a formal proposal to get together with SAA representatives. Check
      their website (saa.org). I believe they still have an ad hoc committee
      on Teaching Archaeology (the group that put together the 2000 book
      Teaching Archaeology in the 21st Century). AAA-AD will also be there,
      as we always have a spring meeting of the Executive Committee at the SAA
      meeting, and as the incoming AD Chair-Elect I can also make some
      arrangements if you want to meet with us separately or together with the
      SAA representatives. I believe it is important for all anthropologists
      to be involved, but perhaps from this spring meeting--taking advantage
      of the coincidences of meeting dates and location--we can move on to do
      something at the San Francisco AAA in 2004.

      Thanks for a great suggestion,

      At 02:57 PM 11/10/2003 -0500, you wrote:
      >Perhaps we can discuss your issues related to teaching four
      fields in
      >small depts., teaching archaeology in particular, and other
      issues of
      >common interest at a prearranged mtg. in Montreal between our
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      >Subject: SAA&SACC??
      >Phil, Bob, Diane, and other SACC cognoscenti:
      >See page 18 of the October 2003 issue of the AN, lower
      >corner, following the "Ethics Bowl"........the SAA is having
      its annual
      >meeting concurrently with ours in Montreal! Is there a chance
      >Just a thought.

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