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FW: [ANTHRO-L] Alaska Native Heritage Center VP Position

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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] Alaska Native Heritage Center VP Position

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      Subject: Alaska Native Heritage Center VP Position
      Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 17:45:20 -0800
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      Alaska Native Heritage Center
      Job Description

      Position: Vice President of Cultural & Educational Services Reports to: President/CEO
      Department: Cultural & Educational Services
      FSLA Status: Exempt

      General Function:
      Responsible for envisioning and creating new statewide educational opportunities for the Center through partnerships, creative planning and leadership to meet Alaska Native Heritage Center's Vision and Mission. Provide oversight in designing, directing, overseeing, implementation, and evaluation of the Center's Cultural & Educational Services programs.

      VP Responsibilities Include But Are Not Limited To:
      Responsible for day-to-day operations of the organization. This includes management, planning and evaluation. Ensuring that the mission, vision and values of the Center are incorporated into all functions of the Center. Creating and reinforcing a customer driven focus. Setting expectations and planning for quality services. Explore methods that develop and expand the Center in ways that promote the mission, vision and values. Collaborate with President/CEO and other Senior Management to implement changes critical to overall operations and interdepartmental cooperation. Maintaining/building relationships with external and internal organizations though collaborations to promote the Center as a gathering place that celebrates, perpetuates and shares Alaska Native cultures. Operation of the Center through planning, implementation and evaluation of strategic direction from the President/CEO. Works to develop, implement and maintain Center/department polices and procedures in an efficient and effective manner. Create and maintain departmental budgets including recommendations for changes and modifications that meet Center goals, along with creating revenue-generating opportunities. Reviews other organizations to look for best practices and finds appropriate ways to implement those practices within Center parameters. Ensures that adequate qualified staffing levels are met and maintained within departmental budgetary restraints. Mentoring and ensuring appropriate training for all department staff in order to achieve the mission, vision and values of the Center. Provides feedback though the proper use of evaluations and or disciplinary actions as necessary in accordance with HR policies.

      Cultural & Educational Services Specific Activities Include But Are Not Limited To:

      Envision and oversee the implementation of Native Language programs for all Alaska regions. Investigate, analyze and recommend alternative educational opportunities for Native immersion programs. Creatively develop future opportunities to promote and obtain higher educational programs to bring into the Center's educational field. Oversee the educational programs to develop a comprehensive and cohesive strategy for present and long-term cultural development... Oversee the Cultural & Educational Service's budget for programs including grants with individuals, corporations, foundations and governments. Identify, research and maintain individual, corporate, and foundation liaisons with other educational, cultural organizations, regionally and nationally. Develop staffing and staff supervision with progressive education experience. Work with Planning and Program Committee of the Board to identify and cultivate cultural opportunities for presentations and education. Serve as a member of the Center's senior management team and participate in all phases of decision-making and strategic planning. Assist in the oversight of all corporate, foundation and government agency grant applications relating to cultural programs. Promote the presence and mission of the Center through community visibility of management staff. Keep abreast of issues in education. Prepare written reports and presentations as needed. Other duties as assigned

      Skills / Abilities / Knowledge
      * An understanding of and appreciation for the Alaska Native cultures and history.
      * Strong knowledge of management practices.
      * Ability to analyze cost effectiveness and determine best use of the Centers resources.
      * Demonstrated ability to lead in a multifaceted organization.
      * Proven verbal and written communication skills.
      * Knowledge and demonstrated ability to set organizational goals and objectives.
      * Knowledge of strategic planning processes.
      * Creative, energetic, and motivated approach to achieving goals.
      * Ability to facilitate group interactions and meetings.
      * Knowledge of personnel and Human Resource management.
      * Ability to work well with employees, patrons and community members of the Center.
      * Ability to work and communicate as a team member
      Proven record of ability to make decisions and work independently.
      * Proven track record of leading and supervising staff.
      * Exceptional organizational management skills.
      Knowledge of public and private education systems

      Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


      Master's degree or doctorate in Education Studies, or related field preferred. Minimum of 5 year's experience in educational setting Minimum of 5 year's experience in a advanced management position

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