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FW: The Latest Anthropology of Religion Titles from McGraw-Hill!

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      Subject: The Latest Anthropology of Religion Titles from McGraw-Hill!

      McGraw-Hill's Latest Anthropology of Religion Titles!

      Dear Professor Popplestone,

      Have you requested your copy of one or more of the outstanding titles listed below?

      Please visit our online brochure for:


      an exam copy request form


      tables of contents


      details about these texts and their ancillaries


      a chance to enter our digital camera sweepstakes!

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      Available in December!
      SACRED REALMS: Essays in Religion, Belief and Society
      by Richard Warms, R. Jon McGee, and James Garber
      ISBN 0-767-42429-8; 480 pages
      A new, geographically balanced collection of 55 classic and current essays on major topics in religion, offering contributions from anthropologists from around the world and concluding with unique coverage of five of the world's largest and most influential religions

      Available Now!
      RITUAL AND BELIEF: Readings in the Anthropology of Religion, Second Edition
      by David Hicks
      ISBN 0-07-241489-8; 552 pages
      A collection of 48 articles, organized thematically and including three topics not found in other anthologies: religion, gender, and sexuality; religion and the natural environment; and religion and the human body

      Available Now!
      MAGIC, WITCHCRAFT, AND RELIGION: An Anthropological Study of the Supernatural, Fifth Edition
      by Arthur Lehmann, James Myers, and Pam Moro
      ISBN 0-767-41692-9; 544 pages
      A bestselling comparative reader that offers a balance of accessible classic and contemporary articles on traditional and non-traditional topics, reflecting both Western and non-Western culture

      Available Now!
      ANTHROPOLOGY OF RELIGION: The Unity and Diversity of Religions
      by Richley Crapo
      ISBN 0-07-238723-8; 384 pages

      A concise text that provides students with ways of conceptualizing what religion is, its social and psychological functions, the nature of religious symbolism and religious behavior, and the organizational structure of religions

      Thank you for your interest in these McGraw-Hill titles; we hope you will order one of them for your courses!

      Dan Loch
      Senior Marketing Manager, Anthropology
      McGraw-Hill Higher Education


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