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FW: National Museums conference

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  • Ann Popplestone
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      Subject: National Museums conference


      A three day conference at

      The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

      July 12-14, 1999

      NATIONAL MUSEUMS: NEGOTIATING HISTORIES is a conference exploring the
      negotiation of diverse histories in contemporary national museums,
      particularly those in settler societies such as Australia, New Zealand,
      Canada, the United States and South Africa. These institutions have been
      working through complex and often controversial questions of how to
      interpret and communicate varied understandings and perspectives of
      histories and nations. The conference will address dimensions of this
      process such as the presentation of indigenous histories and cultures,
      settler and migrant histories and cultures, and environmental histories and
      human-environment interactions. It will address not only issues of display
      and exhibition, but also how histories are negotiated in the contexts of
      acquisition, custodianship, and repatriation issues, and the production of
      public programs and educational materials.

      Invited speakers include
      Dr George Macdonald Director, Museum Victoria
      Dr Gaye Sculthorpe Program Director, Museum Victoria
      Dr Udo Kussel Director, National Cultural History Museum, South Africa
      Dr Hans-Martin Hinz Stabstelle, Deutsches Historisches Museum
      Dr Jock Phillips General Manager, New Zealand Dept. of Heritage
      Dr Ruth Phillips Director, Museum of Anthropology, Uni. of British Columbia
      Dr Annie Coombes Senior Lecturer, Birkbeck College, University of London
      Dr John MacKenzie Professor, Dept. of History, Lancaster University
      Dr Tom Griffiths Fellow, Dept. of History, RSSS, Australian National Uni.
      Dr Mike Smith Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia
      Mr Ian McShane Senior Curator, National Museum of Australia

      Professor David Lowenthal, author of 'The Past is a Foreign Country', will
      present a public lecture on the evening of Tuesday, 13th July.

      Presented by
      The National Museum of Australia
      The Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, Australian National University
      The Australian Key Centre for Media and Cultural Policy, Griffith University

      Registration information is available from:
      Ms Arwen Blackwood Ximenes
      Centre for Cross-Cultural Research
      Australian National University
      Canberra, ACT, 0200
      Ph (61 2) 6249 2434
      Fax (61 2) 6249 2438
      Email: arwen.ximenes@...

      Kirsten Wehner
      The Centre for Cross-Cultural Research
      The Australian National University
      Telephone: +61 2 6249 4929
      Facsimile: +61 2 6249 2438
      Email: kirsty.wehner@...

      The Centre for Cross-Cultural Research
      Web site: www.anu.edu.au/culture

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