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FW: Experienced Ethnographers

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      Subject: Experienced Ethnographers

      Hello everyone, please excuse any cross postings.

      Context-Based Research Group is seeking anthropologists for short-term
      research projects around the world. Context assists companies and
      non-profit institutions in better understanding the lives of their
      constituents by collaborating with qualified anthropologists in ethnographic
      research in multi-sited projects around the globe.

      The pay is competitive for private sector work and the projects are
      interesting. Recent studies have included women�s attitudes about the
      outdoors and a longitudinal project on youth and interactive media. Another
      comparative study in development examines issues of gender and vanity across
      cultures. Also, applicants are privy to other positions for anthropologists
      posted in our electronic newsletters and communications.

      To be included in Context�s researcher database, please complete the form on
      our web site at www.anthrojob.com <http://www.anthrojob.com> . Admission is
      free of charge. For more information, please visit www.contextresearch.com
      <http://www.contextresearch.com> . If you have the appropriate experience
      for one of our projects, Context may call you to participate.

      Thanks for your time.

      Matt Barranca, MAA
      Project Manager
      Context-Based Research Group
      http://www.anthrojob.com <http://www.anthrojob.com>
      http://www.contextresearch.com <http://www.contextresearch.com>
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