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FW: Translate 22 Languages Instantly!

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      Subject: Translate 22 Languages Instantly!

      Dear XOOM.com member,

      Communicate freely with friends, family and business associates around the
      world! With LanguageForce translation software, language barriers are no
      longer an issue. The Universal Translator Deluxe is a breakthrough in global
      communications. With VOICE COMMANDS you can communicate with the world.
      This software is so sophisticated it's used by the U.S. Government!
      The suggested retail price of LanguageForce Universal Translator Deluxe is
      $99.00. However, for an extremely limited time we are able to offer this
      product to our members for only $59.95. As if that weren't enough,
      LanguageForce is offering a $20 mail-in manufacturer's rebate. After
      rebate, XOOM.com members pay ONLY $39.95. That's more than a 60% savings!
      Check out this affordable and innovative language software program at this
      XOOM.com members-only url:
      ** Universal Translator Deluxe **
      With easy, instant translation of documents, email and web pages in 33
      LANGUAGES, you'll find the Universal Translator Deluxe an impressive and
      flexible language translation application. It's so easy to use you'll be
      translating in minutes!
      For only $39.95 you get these powerful features:
      ** Omni-directional Language Translation - Translate 33 LANGUAGES in
      ANY direction. French to Spanish, Spanish to Russian,--Universal
      Translator Deluxe supports over 1,056 language combinations!
      ** Voice Command Technology - Hands free navigation, no more mouse
      and keyboard commands.
      ** Multiple Modifiable Dictionaries - This professional feature
      allows you to add technical and industry specific terms to your
      Universal Translator.
      ** Universal Learning Center - Learn a second language the fun way!
      ... and more!
      For more information, and to see a list of the languages that Universal
      Translator Deluxe supports, go to:
      Supplies are limited, so don't delay. This offer is only good until
      September 14, 1999, or as supplies last. Take advantage of this phenomenal
      savings offered only to XOOM.com members by going to the url below. As
      always, you have a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely
      satisfied for any reason.
      Order today!

      Bob Ellis

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