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FW: TOURBUS EXTRA - More PlanetRx Freebies / VeloMail

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      Subject: TOURBUS EXTRA - More PlanetRx Freebies / VeloMail

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      |__________|__________/__________|__________|___________/ | \
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      / \ / \ / \
      \___/ \___/ T h e I n t e r n e t T o u r B u s \___/ Free Greeting
      Cards, Polls and more fun at http://www.TOURBUS.com <http://www.TOURBUS.com>
      TODAY'S TOURBUS TOPIC: PlanetRx / VeloMail / HungerSite
      TODAY'S TOURBUS STOPS: http://www.TOURBUS.com/3free.htm
      http://www.VeloMail.com <http://www.VeloMail.com>
      http://www.hungersite.com <http://www.hungersite.com>

      Howdy All! This month Patrick and I are just bubbling over with fun stuff
      to share with you, so here's another TOURBUS EXTRA with some goodies you
      won't want to miss! Thanks to our sponsors "American Pie Galleries" and
      "ShagMail" for bringing this issue of Tourbus to you.

      +-------------------- Fun & Amusements Via Email -------------------+
      Visit ShagMail.com for Fun and Amusements delivered via email
      See why everyone's talking about ShagMail.com
      * Jokes * Horoscopes * Quotes * Brain Teasers * Sports
      * Music * Dear Abby * Recipes * Bizarre News * Trivia

      BONUS - FREE video drawing each week.
      <a href=" http://www.shagmail.com/al/affiliates.cgi?485
      <http://www.shagmail.com/al/affiliates.cgi?485> ">Click Here</a>


      Earlier this month I mentioned that the PlanetRx "3 for Free" promo
      was extended until the end of August. If you haven't taken advantage of
      this excellent offer yet, here's another reason to do it now:

      PlanetRx "3 FOR FREE" Promo Gets Better!

      In addition to getting 3 FREE health & beauty products, you can also
      get a FREE Johnson & Johnson Large First Aid Kit (value $25). This means
      you can get over $50 of free merchandise, and you pay only a minimal
      shipping fee. I've already gotten my freebies, so I can verify the offer is
      bonafide, with no strings attached. To take advantage of this offer, follow
      these steps:
      * Go to <A href="http://www.tourbus.com/3free.htm
      <http://www.tourbus.com/3free.htm> "> PlanetRx -
      http://www.tourbus.com/3free.htm <http://www.tourbus.com/3free.htm> </A>
      * Select your three free products from the PlanetRx screen
      * Click the "ADD FREE PRODUCTS TO CART" button
      * At the next screen, Click on "HOME" (near the top of the screen)
      * Click on the "FREE FIRST AID KIT" graphic
      * Click the "ADD FIRST AID KIT TO CART" button
      * Click the "CHECK OUT NOW" button

      Remember this offer expires on August 31, so pop in and do it now!
      The PlanetRx promo is for US residents only, but here's something that
      EVERYONE can take advantage of...


      Here's great news for our international readers, and those of you
      who travel extensively...
      VeloMail is a new web-based email service which speaks YOUR
      language, and the language of your friends and colleagues. You can compose
      and receive e-mail messages in any national language regardless of your
      browser, computer or type of installed fonts.
      Access your mail when you're away from your home in your national
      language. Or send a message to your friend abroad, using the nifty VeloMail
      Virtual Keyboard for your own language. They'll see your message exactly as
      you wrote it, including any special characters. You can even write in
      symbolic languages like Chinese, or languages like Hebrew that read from
      right to left!
      VeloMail is great for those times when you're away from your home
      computer, and you don't have the special keyboard and fonts to support your
      national language. It's also useful for people who need to correspond in
      multiple languages. VeloMail will deliver your message exactly as you wrote
      Even better - it's absolutely free - and when you sign up, you'll be
      entered in a raffle with a chance to win one of 10,000 prizes, including a
      Palm III or Swatch. Try out VeloMail at:
      <A href="http://www.velomail.com <http://www.velomail.com>
      http://www.velomail.com <http://www.velomail.com> </A>


      We've mentioned The Hunger Site twice in Tourbus this summer,
      because Patrick and I both think it's such a wonderful idea. All you do is
      click a button and the site sponsors will donate free food to hungry people
      around the world. Since you can click once a day, I thought of some ideas
      to make it easy to remember to visit daily:
      * Make The Hunger Site your browser's start page
      * Drag the address to your browser's button bar
      * Put it in the Links section of your My AltaVista/Yahoo/Etc page

      Choose one and remember to visit every day. Here's the address:
      <A href="http://www.hungersite.com <http://www.hungersite.com> ">
      http://www.hungersite.com <http://www.hungersite.com> </A>

      That's all for now - see you next time! --Bob Rankin

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