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Free Resource - "Blind Chickens and Social Animals: Creating Spa ces for Afghan Women's Narratives Under the Taliban."

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  • Dianne.Chidester@kctcs.edu
    I haven t read the book nor seen the video. I ve read some of the reviews on Amazon.com. I ve ordered both and will let you know what I think when I get
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2003

      I haven't read the book nor seen the video.  I've read some of the reviews on Amazon.com.  I've ordered both and will let you know what I think when I get them.





      Dianne Lynn Chidester, M.A., Assistant Professor

      Social & Behavioral Sciences

      Jefferson Community College SW

      1000 Community College Drive

      Louisville, KY  40272


      (502) 213-7354


      Dear Friends,

      I am pleased to share with you a great educational opportunity. In 2001,

      Mercy Corps published a book "Blind Chickens and Social Animals: Creating

      Spaces for Afghan Women's Narratives Under the Taliban." This book was

      written by an anthropologist working as a community development specialist

      with in Mercy Corps' program in Pakistan/Afghanistan (see the description

      below). For those of you who are unfamiliar with our programs Mercy Corps

      has been working with Afghan refugees in the region since 1986. While this

      resource is still current, we have decided to share multiple copies with teachers for free (except for shipping and handling) as an excellent resource to help students better understand the lives of women in rural Afghanistan.


      Here's how to take advantage of this great opportunity! Contact Camryn Lee

      (tel: 360.604.9673 e-mail: camrynlee@...), our volunteer coordinating

      the project and leave the following information:

      - your name, phone number and mailing address

      - school affiliation

      - the number of students in your class and number of copies requested

      - a brief description of the class you will use them in.


      We will then contact you and let you know when you can pick up

      your copies. If you are unable to collect the copies from our office in

      Portland Oregon (3015 SW 1st Ave) you will need to send us a check to cover the

      postage and handling (book/media rate US postal service) as per the rates

      listed below:

      1 - 5 books = $3.00

      6 - 10 books = $4.00

      11 - 15 books = $5.00

      16 - 20 books = $6.00

      30 books = $7.00

      For amounts above 30 do the math by adding amounts as per above.


      If you would like to purchase a copy of a 10 minute video "Afghanistan:

      Signs of Devastation, Signs of Hope" (2002) we produced about our program in

      Afghanistan please send an check for $15.


      Check out our website under "Classroom" to access a free curriculum on

      Afghanistan that we have produced for the pre-collegiate classroom.


      If you would like us to send you an advance copy for preview before you

      order classroom copies, just let us know.


      We encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity and share the

      information with other educators!








      Anna M. Pont. Mercy Corps, 2001. Grade 7 and Above.


      This timely study explores the role of gender in Afghanistan today and

      reveals the complexity of women's position there. The author argues that

      only by gaining a thorough and accurate understanding of women in

      Afghanistan can effective assistance be provided and the status of women

      improved. While much has been heard from urban Afghan women about the

      impact of the Taliban, this book gives rural women a voice and reveals that

      geography can often shape opinion, as can the level of education and

      economic status. More than 218 women were interviewed for this research.


      Marta Colburn

      Director, Global Education

      Mercy Corps

      3015 SW First Avenue

      Portland, OR 97201



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