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FW: Science and Shamanism Conference Announcement (fwd)

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      Subject: Science and Shamanism Conference Announcement (fwd)

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      Subject: Science and Shamanism Conference Announcement

      The purpose of this conference is to launch a forum for the development of a
      scientific framework for the study and research of shamanism and the
      processes underlying its phenomenon, such as shamanic states of
      consciousness, healing, and journeys. It intends to focus on the
      understanding of some of the techniques employed by the shamans in their
      practices, both in terms of western empiricism and traditional cosmologies.
      The exchange is open to behavioral, social, physical, and biological
      scientists who can shed empirical light on the phenomenon of shamanism. By
      studying and investigating shamanism within the fabric of cosmological laws,
      it is implied that, by chance or necessity, the same biophysical laws govern
      everything. Our comprehension of natural processes is delineated, and thus
      limited, by the paradigms devised to understand the universe. To label a
      phenomenon as supernatural or unnatural because its processes are not yet
      understood is to imply that the scientific models of nature applied today
      can adequately explain the manifestations of the universe. A paradigm shift,
      or a shift in our perception of reality and the natural world, is urgently
      needed. By applying the essential constructs of science, we may be able to
      demonstrate the existence of a biophysical basis for shamanism as a
      technique of ecstasy and transformation. Shamanism is a natural attribute of
      existence on earth, a preternatural rather than a supernatural phenomenon.
      Preliminary proposals and abstracts can be submitted either by electronic or
      regular mail. Final acceptance is contingent upon review of the actual
      paper by the conference committee. The final versions of all accepted
      papers and accompanying illustrations will be published in the Conference
      Proceedings, and should be submitted by regular post. The abstracts of
      accepted papers will be published in a booklet for use at the conference.
      The conference is planned for March, 2001, in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert
      area of the Southern California desert, which offers exceptional sightseeing
      attractions, as well as world-class conference, resort, and hotel
      facilities. It is about a 2.5 hour drive from Los Angeles (UCLA, USC), a 2
      hour drive from Pasadena (CalTech), a 2 hour drive from San Diego, where
      three major universities are located, and a 1 hour drive from Riverside (UC
      For regular updates on the conference, please, check our webpage:
      For further information and proposals, please, contact:
      Prof. Michael Ripinsky-Naxon
      PMB 504
      44489 Town Center Way, Suite D
      Palm Desert, CA 92260-2723
      Fax: (760) 773-5168
      conference@... <mailto:conference@...>

      www.shamanicdimensions.com <http://www.shamanicdimensions.com>

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