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FW: 6/27/2003 Daily Report from The Chronicle of Higher Education

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      Subject: 6/27/2003 Daily Report from The Chronicle of Higher Education

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      Good day!

      Here are news bulletins from The Chronicle of Higher Education for
      Friday, June 27.

      * [snip]

      * LEGISLATION FILED ON THURSDAY in the U.S. House of
      Representatives would make research papers ineligible for
      copyright protection if written by scientists who received
      "substantial" federal financing for the work. The intent of
      the bill is to provide free and widespread public access to
      the papers.
      --> SEE http://chronicle.com/daily/2003/06/2003062702n.htm

      * [snip]


      * A WEB SITE ON ART created in colonial-era Spanish America
      sheds light on the often-uneasy cultural exchanges between
      the indigenous peoples of the New World and their European
      --> SEE http://chronicle.com/daily/2003/06/2003062701t.htm



      A glance at the June issue of "BioScience":
      Endangered natural-science collections

      Natural-science collections at universities may become as
      endangered as some of the species represented among the
      specimens they house, says Robert E. Gropp, senior public policy
      representative for the American Institute of Biological

      "Across the United States, university natural science
      collections are scaling back programs or closing their doors,"
      he writes. That has prompted concerns about the potential impact
      on "national-level infrastructure for biological research," Mr.
      Gropp says, and about the training of the next generation of
      botanists, zoologists, curators, and others.

      Some natural scientists also worry that this is part of a trend
      away from organismal biology and toward molecular biology, Mr.
      Gropp says. "Some collection managers worry that state budgets
      are merely a ruse that some university administrators are using
      to reorganize biology programs," he writes.

      The article is not online. Information about the journal is
      available at http://www.aibs.org/biosciencelibrary

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