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FW: Druids Rock! (And is "FORNICATORIUM" a real word?)

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    A novel suggestion for that traditional family outing in the park sharing custard... ... From: Carl Groppe [mailto:cgroppe@alkahn.com] Sent: Friday, June 20,
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      A novel suggestion for that traditional family outing in the park
      sharing custard...

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      Subject: Druids Rock! (And is "FORNICATORIUM" a real word?)

      Pagan band's fornication plea
      By Shahid Naqvi

      A pagan band has demanded a "quiet area for fornication" during a
      Birmingham summer solstice celebration attended by Druids and billed as
      family fun day out.

      The event, to mark the longest day of the year at Digbeth's Custard
      Factory on Saturday, was condemned yesterday by the Church of England.

      Headlining the night of revelry is to be a Gloucester-based band Inkubus

      Sukkubus, who take their name from male and female demons.

      Managers at the Custard Factory confirmed a "quiet area" would be
      for the group, fronted by female vocalist Candia who is known to get
      a state of near hysteria during her performance.

      A spokesman said: "They said they needed a quiet 'fornicatorium'. They
      it is a fertility rite. The singer goes into a trance-like state. We
      quite know what will happen once the frenzied activity begins."

      Druids from across the country will descend on the Custard Factory -
      Birmingham's hub for creative and media companies - for the celebration
      which goes on until 3am Sunday.

      The fertility festival will centre on a 40ft high Green Man sculpture
      from real plants at the site.

      Daytime events start at 3pm on Saturday and include stalls selling Druid

      and pagan craft, music and rhythm from harp and drums, incantations,
      invocations and a bouncy castle.

      Billed as a "perfect day out for the whole family", the evening pagan
      service begins at 8.30pm when druid priestess Emma Restall Orr will lead
      special renewal rite to mark the progression of life. That will be
      followed by live music from Arctic Sun, before Inkubus Sukkubus take to
      the stage at about 10.30pm.

      Rhiannon Biddulph, of the UK Pagan Association, said: "There are certain

      festivals were we celebrate the creation of life where you have to have
      sex. "Most pagans have a fairly relaxed attitude to sex."

      But a spokesman for the Church of England in Birmingham said: "It is
      difficult to believe that anyone, pagan or otherwise, would include a
      show as part of a 'family day out'.

      "It seems the Druids have overdosed on the magic mushrooms when
      this event. It beggars belief that this kind of tackiness and tawdriness

      is being promoted as a cultural family event."
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