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FW: June NSF Workshop

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  • Lewine, Mark
    I am scheduled to participate in an NSF policy planning workshop to establish priorities for future funding in the social sciences and education, including
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2003
      I am scheduled to participate in an NSF policy planning workshop to
      establish priorities for future funding in the social sciences and
      education, including K-12 and community colleges. Please open the
      attachment, review the preliminary areas that involve our SACC interests
      and perspectives, and send me your ideas so that I can contribute our
      best thinking to this June session. Thanks, Mark

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      Sent: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 4:50 PM
      Subject: June NSF Workshop

      May 6, 2003

      Dear Colleague:

      Thank you for agreeing to participate in the June 12-13, 2003 National
      Science Foundation (NSF) Workshop on Improving Education in the Social,
      Behavioral, and Economic Sciences: A National Dialogue. We are pleased
      to be able to serve as co-chairs. We very much look forward to working
      with you to produce a creative and compelling action plan.

      Attached to this e-mail is a summary of an initial meeting of scientific
      society representatives held on January 16, 2003. The participants at
      the January meeting identified shared needs and critical issues for
      different levels of social and behavioral science education. This
      meeting was only a first step to help launch the National Workshop. It
      was, however, useful in identifying the types of needs that will be
      important for all of us to consider as we undertake our work in June and
      develop a report and recommendations for NSF.

      We are now in the process of preparing background materials in
      preparation for the Workshop. We will provide selected data on trends
      in education and in the workforce in the social and behavioral sciences.
      We will also provide some readings that we hope will additionally
      stimulate your thinking in advance of our meeting. Since you have
      already received a conference agenda and outline of what we will be
      doing in June, we welcome your input now as we refine issues with
      panelists and provide greater definition to the breakout sessions
      planned for June 13. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us with your
      comments, ideas, or what you consider to be the threshold problems that
      you hope will be addressed at this meeting. Your thoughts are very
      timely as we further plan the meeting and the contours for our report.

      The advance materials will be sent to you the week of May 19. In
      addition to selected readings and data, we will also be sending you the
      briefing book from the January 16, 2003 meeting that includes the
      materials submitted by each of 15 scientific societies. At this point,
      in addition to soliciting your ideas, we would like you to submit a
      biographical sketch of no more than 150 words. Since we are a big group
      for a "working meeting," we thought it would help acquaint us with each
      other to have a brief sketch. Please send this statement to Felice
      Levine via e-mail (sbeedworkshop@...
      <mailto:sbeedworkshop@...>) no later than Friday, May 16, 2003.

      Once again, we want to reiterate how much we welcome NSF's turning its
      attention to this important issue. While the two of us have
      responsibility for preparing a report to NSF by September 15, 2003, it
      is the work of the June meeting that will structure this report and
      recommendations. As a participant at the Workshop, you will have an
      opportunity to provide comments on a draft before it is transmitted to

      We welcome hearing from you soon.

      With best wishes,

      Felice J. Levine
      flevine@... <mailto:flevine@...>

      Ronald F. Abler
      rabler@... <mailto:rabler@...>

      American Educational Research Association
      1230 Seventeenth Street, NW
      Washington, DC 20036-3078

      <<20030116 Summary Version 04.Revised.doc>>
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