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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Subject: CAP 99

      Estimados colegas
      O 3 Congresso de Arqueologia Peninsular ja tem c. de 800 pessoas
      Nao percam este grande evento cientifico, que honra a nossa profissao e a
      arqueologia peninsular!!
      A revista Journal of Iberian Archaeology, vol. de 1999, ja esta impressa
      para ser distribuida durante o Congresso.
      Em breve seguira uma 2 circular para todos os inscritos.
      Nao se esquecam do alojamento!
      Visitem a nossa pagina web: www.utad.pt/~cap <http://www.utad.pt/~cap>
      Vitor Oliveira Jorge

      Dear colleagues,
      We have already 800 persons attending the 3rd CAP 99.
      JIA 1 is ready to be presented in Vila Real.
      We - ADECAP and UTAD - are preparing a number of other good susprises...
      Unless you are very sick (we hope not) or masochist (we dont think you
      are), please dont loose this congress...
      Best wishes to all. Good excavations!! See you in Vila Real.
      Vitor Oliveira Jorge
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