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  • Ann Popplestone
    Hello, Welcome to the list. Please take a moment to review this message. FIRST: A word from our sponsor: check out Irv Cohen s K-12 website at
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 1999

      Welcome to the list. Please take a moment to review this message.

      FIRST: A word from our sponsor:

      check out Irv Cohen's K-12 website at

      also SACC's website at:

      Thanks and Welcome!!

      SACC-L (updated 3/8/99)


      This an open, unmoderated "list", dedicated to friendly and scholarly discussion
      of anything pertaining to anthropology at community colleges or in grades K-12.

      The list is a forum for the announcement and discussion of
      organizational news as well as discipline-related news, research, theories,
      publications, meetings, exhibits, events, and teaching strategies.

      We welcome contributions from anthropologists,
      professional or avocational, and from our colleagues in other fields.

      If you need/want to send an attachment, it is probably best to do so in text
      format since evil spirits lurk in the cyberspace between different
      word-processors and your MS WORD document might make less sense than Linear B by
      the time somebody's MAC gets done with it!


      While there are laws protecting freedom of speech, post at your own risk as
      you are legally liable for what you say.
      Please consider the sensibilities of all those who will read your words!
      (It is always better to delay sending what may be interpreted as an
      unfriendly message in case you later change your mind.)

      A) RULES-

      The following conduct is unacceptable on these lists (For more
      information, contact the list Manager.

      i) any activities which are illegal under United States or International
      Copyright Law;

      ii) conduct which is unethical by the standards of the American
      Anthropological Association (such as plagiarism);

      iii) distribution of copyrighted materials (This includes the forwarding of
      messages without permission to these lists from another forum, or from these
      lists to another forum. Forwarding of public announcements such as conference
      notices or job openings are excusable since they are intended for wide

      iv) transmission of materials that are malicious,
      un-necessarily abusive, threatening, obscene, harassing, libelous or
      have a reckless disregard for the truth (the "public figure exemption is NOT
      accepted here!), or that contain ad hominem attacks;

      v) distribution of viruses/Trojans/worms, chain letters,or "spam".
      (Those wishing to post advertisements might want to contact the List Manager.
      But, basically, keep the promo short, sweet, and to the point.);

      At the discretion of the manager, violators of these rules will be
      cautioned and/or removed from the list. This process is subject to


      This list is un-moderated and unrestricted.

      To unsubscribe from this list, go to the ONElist web site, at
      www.onelist.com, and select the User Center link from the menu bar
      on the left. This menu will also let you change your subscription
      between digest and normal mode.


      Messages posted to the list are the copyright of the sender and reflect their
      own opinion. Messages by the List Administrators similarly reflect their own
      opinion unless otherwise stated, and are not intended to reflect the views of
      their respective places of employment.

      List Manager:

      Ann Popplestone AAB, BA, MA
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