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FW: Hieroglyphic Workshop Featured-in Egypt!

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      Subject: Hieroglyphic Workshop Featured-in Egypt!

      SAN DIEGO-The Archaeological Institute of America, San Diego Society offers
      a two-week program for those who would like to learn to read ancient
      Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. The program is led by Egyptologist Ron
      Fellows, Executive Vice President of the AIA San Diego Society and co-author
      of the new text HIEROGLYPHS FOR TRAVELERS with Thomas F. Mudloff of
      Northwestern University and the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.
      The group will leave for Egypt February 5th, 2000 and return the 19th. Upon
      arrival in Cairo, the program begins with a brief lecture and introduction
      to the text that takes the group through the concept of direct translation
      into English, a method of reading the ancient writing without years of
      arduous study. To begin, participants will translate glyphs on
      Tutankhamon's alabaster cup in the Cairo Museum. The same day they will
      read the curse at the entrance to the tomb of Idu before entering the
      tomb...if they dare. Idu was a royal letter scribe of Khufu, builder of the
      Great Pyramid.
      That's on the first day. By the third day participants will translate the
      text of Hatshepsut's 100-foot Obelisk at Karnak Temples. By the fourth day
      they will read the names of kings in the cartouches at he famous King List
      at Abydos. All this is just the beginning of an educational tour that is
      great fun too. To quote one of the participants in our tour last year,
      "When I go on an archaeological trip, I go to learn and enjoy. The San
      Diego Society study tour fulfilled my learning requirements 100 percent.
      Our talented escorts made the learning experience a complete joy. Did we
      have fun? Yes, every minute we did." (Ginnie Nichols)
      Enrollment is limited. For information or itinerary see our Web site at
      http://www.theglyph.com/itin.html <http://www.theglyph.com/itin.html> or
      E-mail rfellows@... <mailto:rfellows@...> with your name and
      address and phone number.
      Oh, yes, the book is free to our participants and is not available through
      any other tour program. Register by September 10th and save $50 per person.
      Ron Fellows
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