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  • Lewine, Mark
    I strongly support the idea of working with the SAA section of the AAA and share sessions at the meetings. We have successfully recruited 2 leaders already
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2003
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      I strongly support the idea of working with the SAA section of the AAA and share sessions at the meetings.  We have successfully recruited 2 leaders already who have joined SACC, Eric Peters who attended our SACC meeting at AAA and added to the meetings successful outcomes, and Eric Haanstad, see below, the president of SAA.  Please contact them, Becky and others, to get their ideas concerning how to accomplish collaboration for mutual benefit on this and for the future.



      Dear Dr. Lewine,

      Thanks for the info – I posted the information on the conference to the NASA officers list and our member list so hopefully we can get some people to go.  I’m in Thailand right now through December, so I won’t be able to go, unfortunately.  Eric Peters e-mail is: eloheem03@...

      Please let us know how we can help you get set up with a student award and maybe a student section representative.

      Take care,

      Eric Haanstad

      President, National Association of Student Anthropologists


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      Eric, I would like to renew our mutual efforts to link common interests of our sections and build for our futures together.  Eric Peters and our leadership connected well but I have lost track of him lately.  Could you refresh my new computer with his email address and any others that might be important for me.  I would also like to extend a warm and sincere invitation for you and any other SAA leader interested in networking with community college anthropology educators to attend our annual meeting in Vancouver.  It is a special meeting in which we hope to not only have our usual great time together, but we hope to make plans that would include student awards and links to other sections, particularly SAA and COTA.  The President of AAA will be there to discuss some of these items and I would invite you or your representative to our Board meeting if you could attend.

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