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FW: Skilled Anthropologists Wanted

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      Subject: Skilled Anthropologists Wanted


      I'd like to introduce you to Context-Based Research Group, an
      anthropological research firm that hires qualified ethnographers for
      short-term contracts in their geographic locations. The pay is competitive
      and our clients include private sector and non-profit organizations in need
      of anthropological research in a variety of interesting areas. In addition
      to employing anthropologists for our own studies, we also seek partnerships
      with, and are a resource for, government, private and non-profit
      organizations that have a need for experienced and skilled anthropologists
      in their own research.

      If you'd like to become part of our active database of anthropologists and
      be considered for upcoming projects, please register online at
      www.anthrojob.com <http://www.anthrojob.com> . There are no costs to join
      the database and be part of our network.

      Current projects include a four-city ethnography of the relationship between
      women and the outdoors and a longitudinal study on youth and interactive
      technologies in the home. Most recently, a potential contract has emerged
      that would utilize anthropologists around the world who have current
      knowledge of specific culture areas and an interest in the impact of western
      brands in these areas. Experienced ethnographers with a particular interest
      in this project and in understanding how globalization plays out on the
      local scale are encouraged to sign up and indicate this interest in the
      comments section of the registration form.

      As we continue to grow, our hope is that AnthroJob will become a valued
      resource not only for anthropologists but for an increasing number of
      organizations in need of the insight and knowledge our discipline can bring

      If you would like more information about our company, please also check out
      our main web site at www.contextresearch.com
      <http://www.contextresearch.com> .

      Thanks for your time!

      Matt Barranca, MAA
      Project Manager
      Context-Based Research Group
      mbarranca@... <mailto:mbarranca@...>
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