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FW: [ANTHRO-L] Call for Papers: Mismanagement & Unofficial Practices

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    ... From: Tarra Drevet [mailto:tdrevet@RICE.EDU] Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 11:07 AM To: ANTHRO-L@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU Subject: [ANTHRO-L] Call for Papers:
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      From: Tarra Drevet [mailto:tdrevet@...]
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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] Call for Papers: Mismanagement & Unofficial

      Call for Papers, 2003 American Anthropological Association meeting in
      Chicago, November 19-23. Proposed Panel:

      Mismanagement & Unofficial Practices - Alternative Constructions of the

      How does the information age affect the workings of bureaucratic
      organizations? The over-abundance of information, accompanying the new
      knowledge economy, wrecks havoc with centralized modes of control and
      surveillance. This panel will discuss unauthorized practices that may
      result from mismanagement and that disrupt hierarchical models of power
      and authority. The state, the corporation, the hospital or school, the
      NGO, as well as volunteer associations - all of these and more organized
      activities might serve as sites from which to examine the unruliness of
      political practices and new forms of creative authorship.

      Panelists are encouraged to cross the boundaries between 'high' and
      'low' culture, authority and accommodation/resistance, to highlight the
      permeability of public and private spheres. How do undisclosed,
      'meaningless' acts later become meaningful in official venues? What are
      some of the alternative processes through which representations get
      made? Can unofficial practices bring about political effects?

      As a point of departure, we make a distinction between the study of
      ideology and the operations of the ideological apparatus. In the case
      of the nation-state, for example, the study of nationalism is often
      informed by an anthropology of history, while the state's legal
      institutions can be approached through an anthropology of policy or
      technology. Papers might engage one or both fields of enquiry, either
      in the format of a small case study or a theoretical excursus. Fieldwork
      accounts are especially encouraged.

      Possible paper topics include, but in no way are limited to:

      - mis-management and disorder
      - issues raised by the lack of control over information
      - changing notions of authorship & authority,
      (e.g. in new media and in decentralized processes of decision-making)

      - unofficial practices that later become official
      - transfers of political technologies between sites
      - benchmarking and the imitation of practices
      - subject-positions that get made in response to new technologies
      (e.g. inventions create new job classifications and new product

      - the state (or other institution) as war-machine
      - virtualism and unstable places
      - the crisis of discipline and/or the end of governmentality

      - problematics of the 'border' or 'boundary'
      - territorial borders and the reproduction of political ideologies
      (e.g. through the notion of risk and defense)

      Please send 250 word abstracts by e-mail or to the address given below.
      Individuals selected will have 15 min. to present at the meetings in
      November. Please note that all panelists will need to be members of the
      American Anthropological Association by April 1, 2003.

      There will be two rounds for the call for papers. The first deadline
      for abstracts is March 18, 2003. The second deadline is March 25, 2003.
      In this manner, early submissions are not only encouraged, but they are
      given first consideration.

      Please feel free to ask questions and discuss paper topics with: Tarra
      Drevet Rice University tdrevet@...

      Submissions can be e-mailed or sent to:
      Tarra Drevet
      Department of Anthropology
      Rice University
      MS 20, 6100 Main Street
      Houston, Texas

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