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FW: SERMEISS Morocco Institute Program

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  • Dianne.Chidester@kctcs.edu
    Here is the schedule for the South East Regional Middle East and Islamic Studies Seminar travel to Morocco. Contact Jim Miller at Clemson for more
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2003
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      Here is the schedule for the South East Regional Middle East and Islamic Studies Seminar travel to Morocco.  Contact Jim Miller at Clemson for more information.
      Dianne Chidester
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      From: Jim Miller [mailto:miller3@...]
      Sent: Monday, March 03, 2003 3:16 PM
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      Subject: SERMEISS Morocco Institute Program

      Dear Friends and Colleagues!

      We have now reached a point where we can advertise our program in Morocco this summer.  Here is the program as best we can organize it now; there may, of course, be changes. 

      SERMEISS Study  Tour Institute
      Morocco,  Land of Past & Present
      June 14  - 28, 2003

      DATE                       LOCATION                           ACTIVITY

      June 14, Saturday         JFK Airport, NYC                   Departure on Royal Air Maroc     
                                                                     early evening

      June 15, Sunday   Mohammed V Airport, Casablanca
                                                                     Arrival in Morocco
                                                                     early morning

                                                                     Visit to Hassan II Mosque
                                 Casablanca  Rabat via auto coach
                                 Rabat                                Midday; Check into Hotel Terminus;
                                                                     Lunch & rest:  no further program*

      June 16, Monday   Rabat                               A Day of Orientations:
      Program Orientation
                                                                     Morocco 101:  the Basics
      Tour of Rabat

      June 17, Tuesday          Rabat                               Language in Morocco
      The Arabic Language
                                                                       Arabic Alphabet & Some Phrases
      Language Diversity in Morocco

      June 18, Wednesday        Rabat                               Education in Morocco
      Morning :
      Public Education in Morocco
                                                                       The Public School Curriculum
                                                                       Traditional Writing on the Louh
                                                                       Calligraphy as a Living Art

      June 19, Thursday        Excursion to Meknès & Fez        
      (auto coach)                          08:00          Depart Rabat for Meknès
      11:00    Tour of Meknès
      12:30    Lunch in Meknès
      01:30    Departure for Moulay Idriss
      02:30    Visit of Moulay Idriss
      03:00    Departure for Volubulis
      04:00    Visit of Volubulis
      05:30    Departure for Fez
      07:30    Check into Fez hotel
      08:30    Dinner in Fez

      June 20, Friday   Fez                                  08:00  Breakfast
                                                                     09:00  Tour of Fez
                                                                     12:30  Lunch
                                                                     02:30  Tour of Fez
                                                                     04:00  Departure for Rabat
                                                                     07:00  Arrival in Rabat

      June 21, Saturday         Rabat                               Religion in Everyday Life
      The Koran
                                                                     Afternoon Lecture
                                                                            The Subject of the Veil

      June 22, Sunday   Rabat                               Making Morocco Modern
      Development Issues
      Health Issues

      June 23, Monday   Rabat                               Moroccan Politics and Government
                                                                            How Morocco is Governed
                                                                     Afternoon Lecture
                                                                     Moroccan Politics

      June 24, Tuesday          Rabat                               The Moroccan Aesthetic
      Moroccan Architecture
                                                                     Moroccan cuisine
                                                                     A Moroccan Musical Soiree

      June 25, Wednesday       Excursion to Marrakech             08:00 Depart Rabat for Marrakech
                                                                     12:30 Arrival in Marrakech; Lunch
                                                                     01:30 Check in, Marrakech Hotel
                                                                     02:30 Tour of Marrakech
                                                                     05:00  Free time
                                                                     07:30  Dinner

      June 26, Thursday         Marrakech                           07:00 Breakfast
                                                                     08:00 Tour of Marrakech
                                                                     12:00  Lunch
                                                                     02:30  Afternoon lecture
                                                                     05:00  Free time
                                                                     07:30  Dinner
      June 27, Friday          Marrakech                           07:00 Breakfast
                                                                     08:00  Departure for all-day
                                                                     excursion to the High Atlas in the
                                                                     Marrakech region
      June 28, Saturday         Marrakech                           06:00 Breakfast
      early morning.  Departure for Casablanca (air)
      mid-morning.  Arrival, Casablanca airport
      late morning.  Departure for JFK  New York
      mid-afternoon.  Arrival at New York


      June 16, Monday   Rabat                               

      James A. Miller
      Associate Professor of Geography
      Department of History and Geography
      204 Hardin Hall
      Clemson University
      Clemson, South Carolina 29634

      Office Direct:   864-656-5368
      Main Office:     864-656-3153 (leave message)
      Fax               864-656-1015

      223 Lebanon Road
      Pendleton, South Carolina 29670
      Tel. 864-646-6041

                                 /**\          /***\            /****\              /******\               /******\

               Visit Morocco:

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