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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] latest Archaeologia Bulgarica [fwd]

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       From: Lyudmil Vagalinski  <lvagalin@...-link.com 
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      Sorry for a possible cross-posting!


      Issue VII, 2003, 1 (19th) of Archaeologia Bulgarica has just been printed.




      Stanimirov, S.:  Underwater Archaeological Sites from Ancient and Middle Ages along the Bulgarian Black Sea CoastClassification  1-34

      Stoyanov, T.: The Parmeniskos Amphora Group – New Data and Reflections on Production

      Centres and Chronology 35-44

      Lazarova, S./ Paunova, V.: A Late Iron Age Grave Find from the Village of Koilovtsi in Central North Bulgaria 45-58     


      Cvjetićanin, T.: Early Roman Marbled Vessels from Diana (Serbia)  59-70


      Bailliot, M.: Magie romaine et methodologie?   71-82


      Inkova, M.: Duck Image on a Gilt Silver Strap End: on “Diffused” Motifs of the Early Medieval Bulgarian Culture 83-96



      Todorova, H./ Vajsov, I.: Der Kupferzeitliche Schmuck Bulgariens. Stuttgart  2001. (Yakar, J.) 97-98


      Balkanizing the Balkans: Bailey, D.W.:  Balkan Prehistory: Exclusion, Incorporation and Identity. London/ New York 2000 (Băčvarov, K.) 99-103


      Editorial Advisory Board: Prof. László Bartosiewicz PhD DSc (Budapest, Hungary); Florin Curta PhD (Gainesville, Florida, USA); Prof. Haskel J. Greenfield PhD (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada); Jean-Luc Guadelli PhD (Bordeaux, France); Prof. Bernhard Hänsel PhD (Berlin, Germany); Ulla Lund Hansen PhD (Copenhagen, Denmark); Boris Magomedov PhD (Kyiv, Ukraine); Prof. J.V.S. Megaw MA DLitt (Adelaide, Australia); Aristotle Mentzos PhD (Thessaloniki, Greece); Prof. Marcel OTTE PhD (Liége, Belgium); Prof. Giorgio RAVEGNANI PhD (Venice, Italy); Nikolay Sharankov MA (Sofia, Bulgaria); Prof. Alexandru Suceveanu PhD (Bucharest, Rumania); Rastko Vasić PhD (Belgrade, Yugoslavia); Prof. John Wilkes (London, Great Britain); Prof. Jak Yakar PhD (Tel Aviv, Israel).


      Language Editors: Sven Conrad PhD (German), Leipzig, Germany; Lyubina Damyanova MA (English), Sofia, Bulgaria; Jean-Luc Guadelli PhD (French), Bordeaux, France; Kathleen Hawthorne (English), London, Great Britain; Diana Gilliland Wright PhD (English), New York, USA.


      All articles in Archaeologia Bulgarica are submitted to peer review.




      L.F. Vagalinski








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