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FW: [ANTHRO-L] SEM Conference, Miami '03, Last Call for Papers

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      SEM Conference, Miami '03, Last Call for Papers
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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] SEM Conference, Miami '03, Last Call for Papers

      The Society for Ethnomusicology will hold its 48th Annual Meeting at the Hotel Intercontinental in Miami, Florida from Oct 2-5, 2003 along with the College Music Society.  This special joint meeting will take place in downtown Miami, adjacent to the shops and restaurants of Bayside Marketplace on Biscayne Bay, and just a short cab ride away from South Beach.

      The annual Charles Seeger lecture will be delivered by Judith Becker, Professor at the University of Michigan. 

      Conference Themes.  The overall theme for the meeting is "Cultural Crossroads" with a sub theme devoted to our host city entitled "Miami's Cultural Crossroads: The Latin/Caribbean City."

      Four of our six topics will be shared with CMS.  These joint topics are:
             "Music, memory, and nostalgia"
        "Historical methods in ethnomusicology/ethnographic methods in historical musicology "
        "The relationship of research to teaching"
            "Teaching music theory from a cross-cultural perspective"

      And the two SEM-specific topics are:
         "Performance theory"
          "Authenticity and the politics of representation"

      The Program Committee also welcomes papers and organized panels on other topics.  The postmarked deadline for submission of SEM proposals is Friday, February 28th, 2003.  The deadline for Joint SEM/CMS panel proposals is Saturday, January 22, 2003 (these must be submitted on the SEM webpage registration). 

      The SEM 2003 Program Committee consists of Gage Averill (New York University) (Chair), Harris Berger (Texas A&M University), Carol Muller, (University of Pennsylvania), Michael Veal (Yale University), Richard Wolf (Harvard University), Christine Yano (University of Hawai'i) and Larry Witzleben (The Chinese University of Hong Kong). 

      For further questions on the program for SEM 2002, please contact:
      Gage Averill, SEM 2003 Program Chair
      Department of Music
      New York University
      24 Waverly Pl.
      New York, NY, 10003-6757;
      Tel) 212-998-8302, (Fax) 212-995-4147;
      Email: gage.averill@....

      Please do NOT send proposals or abstracts to this address (see the Call for Papers for the proper address).
      Proposals are invited in the following seven categories (see below for details)
      All proposals should include two components: the proposal form and an abstract.  When submitting your proposal, please first select the appropriate form. Note that three types of forms are used for submitting proposals. (1)"Individual Presenters Form"  for single papers, performances or lecture/demonstrations, film/video programs, and poster sessions proposals. (2) "Organized Sessions Form" for organized panels, forums/workshops, and nonferences proposals and for joint CMS/SEM panels.


      1. Single Papers: Individual paper presentations are 20-minutes long and will be followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Individual paper proposals must include the following:
              a. The Individual Presenters Form
              b. A 250-word (maximum) abstract (please keep within limits--otherwise we will edit)

      2. Performances or Lecture-Demonstrations: Up to one hour long. Proposals must include:
      a. The Individual Presenters Form
             b. A 250-word (maximum) abstract

      3. Film/Video Programs: Recently completed or in-progress films or videotapes up to two hours long.  Sessions may include an introduction and discussion time. Submit titles, subject, formats, and indicate exact duration of proposed films/videos and introduction/discussion. Proposals must include:
             a. The Individual Presenters Form
             b. A 250-word (maximum) abstract

      4. Poster Sessions: Display stations will be set up where presenters can exhibit a variety of work and remain on hand for scheduled two-hour periods for discussion. Displays might include audiovisual presentations of ethnographic work or new analytical or transcription techniques, performances, instrument building, as well as written work made available at the station. Special display requirements (e.g., computer equipment) will be the responsibility of the presenter. Displays should be designed with the other presenters in the room in mind. Proposals must include:
              a. The Individual Presenters Form
             b. A 250-word (maximum) abstract describing the subject, purpose, and physical/audible characteristics of the display as well as the audiovisual equipment, wall, or table space required


      5. Organized Panels: Organized panel sessions of up to two hours usually consist of three to four 15-to-20 minute presentations, with an introduction by the chair and/or a statement by a discussant, followed by discussion. Panel abstracts will be evaluated individually as well as collectively. The Program Committee reserves the right to suggest the addition of a panelist where an independently submitted abstract appears to fit a panel. We also encourage innovative formats that will stimulate discussion with the audience. Proposals for organized panels should be submitted by the panel organizer and include the following:
        a. The Organized Sessions Form
        b. A 250-word (maximum) abstract describing the rationale for the panel as a whole While the individual abstracts are necessary, the overall panel abstract is the linchpin of the panel;
             c. 250-word (maximum) abstracts for each participant.

      6. Forums/Workshops: Forum/workshop sessions provide opportunities for participants to discuss with each other and with members of the audience. Sessions of up to two hours long should include at least four participants (maximum five participants). We encourage formats that stimulate discussion and audience participation. The organizer will solicit position papers of up to 15 minutes from each participant and will facilitate questions and discussion for the remaining time. Proposals for forums/workshops should be submitted by the session organizer and include:
           a. The Organized Sessions Form
        b. A 250-word (maximum) abstract outlining the purpose/agenda and organization of the session, as well as the anticipated contributions of its members

      7. Roundtables: Informal, interactive roundtable (maximum six participants) on one topic. The organizer will submit:
              a. The Organized Sessions Form
        b. A 250-word (maximum) abstract describing the subject and a list of participants

      ABSTRACTS.  Abstracts should demonstrate a clear focus or statement of the problem, a coherent argument, knowledge of previous research, and a statement of the implications for ethnomusicology.  To permit blind evaluation, please type your name and institutional affiliation (for session abstracts, the session organizer's name) in the top left-hand corner of the abstract, all in upper case letters. Then triple space and type the title of your paper (for session abstracts, the name of the session); then double space before beginning the body of the abstract, and type the abstract, single spaced, as shown below:


      Proposal Submissions: Please submit a hard copy of the required forms and of the abstracts (suitable for publication) to the address below and, if possible, also submit an electronic copy through the SEM Webpage (see address below). If an abstract is submitted in paper copy only, please include a copy of the abstract on a 3.5" computer disk, preferably in (.doc) or "rich text format" (.rtf), or send as an email attachment to jrwill@.... Fax submissions will not be accepted. Organizers of panels, forums/workshops, and nonferences must submit all collated materials for their session members in one packet.  The requested letter font is Times New Roman.  The requested font size is 12 point.

      Addresses for Submissions:
      1.      SEM 2002 Program Committee
            Society for Ethnomusicology
           Morrison Hall 005
             Indiana University
            Bloomington, IN 47405, U.S.A.
      2. http://www.ethnomusicology.org (follow the links to the abstract submission site), after January 15, 2003.

      Deadline for Submissions: ALL submitters are required to send in a hard copy of their abstract, postmarked by the published deadline (shown below), or their abstract will not be reviewed.

      The postmark deadlines for proposal submission are:
      SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2003 - For Joint CMS/SEM Submissions (vis website registration)
      FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2003  - For SEM Submissions

      Address for Submissions:
      1.       IU Conferences
        Attn: SEM 2003
        110 One City Center
           Bloomington, IN 47404, U.S.A.
      2.       www.ethnomusicology.org (follow the conference links to the abstract submission site).  

      Charles Seeger Prize: Students interested in having a paper considered for the Charles Seeger Prize should consult the guidelines in this issue of SEM Newsletter. At the time of notification of acceptance, application forms will be sent to those students who have marked "paper to be considered for Charles Seeger Prize" on the proposal form.

      Pre-Registration Fees: Following the SEM policy, all participants whose proposals have been accepted for the program must be SEM members and must pre-register for the meeting, with the exception of scholars residing outside the United States and Canada who may elect to pay their fees at the meeting itself. 

      SEM members whose proposals have been accepted will receive pre-registration materials around May 1, at the time of notification of their acceptance to the program.  If by June 15 you have not received a letter from the Program Committee indicating whether or not your abstract was accepted, please contact the SEM Business Office.   Registration fees must be received by September 1, 2003 to remain on the program.

      Limit on the Number of Presentations: SEM policy specifies that each presenter may give one paper, OR act as discussant for a panel, OR participate in one forum/workshop, OR present one film/video program during the regular sessions. Presenters may, however, also serve as chair of a panel or a forum/workshop.

      Cancellations and No-Shows: No-shows inconvenience the chair, discussant, fellow panelists, and audience members attending the panel.  Participants who discover that they are unable to attend the meeting should notify the Program Committee immediately. Cancellation requests made by September 15 will receive a full refund (minus a handling fee of $30). 

      Special Requests: Please indicate potential scheduling conflicts. If notified in advance, the Program Committee will attempt to accommodate requests but we cannot guarantee a particular time slot.


      Jan. 31            Postmark deadline for all joint CMS/SEM organized sessions.
      Feb. 28               Postmark deadline for all SEM proposals.
      May 1                    Notifications of acceptances mailed (including preliminary sessions and                         times) with pre-registration materials.
      Sept. 1           Deadline for receipt of pre-registration fees from SEM members whose                             proposals were accepted.
      Sept. 15                 Deadline for refund of pre-registration fees (with a $30 handling fee).
      Gage Averill, Chair
      Department of Music
      New York University
      24 Waverly Pl., Rm. 268
      New York, NY 10003-6789
      (212) 998-8302 (bus)
      (212) 995-4147 (fax)
      e-mail: gage.averill@...

              NYU Music Department: http://www.nyu.edu/gsas/dept/music/

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