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FW: Sermeiss Study-Travel Insitute in Morocco

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  • Dianne.Chidester@kctcs.edu
    SERMEISS (South East Regional and Middle Eastern Studies Section) is a great group with lots of people with lots of knowledge about the Middle East, North
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2003
      SERMEISS (South East Regional and Middle Eastern Studies Section) is a great group with lots of people with lots of knowledge about the Middle East, North Africa and Islam.  Although I have not been able to travel with them, this is the other group I learn a lot from and enjoy meeting with.
      Happy Travels!
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      Subject: Sermeiss Study-Travel Insitute in Morocco

      Dear Colleagues,

      In the interests of beginning the process of getting the word out about our June, 2003 Study - Travel Institute in Morocco, I am sending out this notice to your over our list-serv.  You will see the same notice in our forthcoming newsletter.  Please diffuse the notice widely.  Remember, while our basic interest is in finding teachers to participate, we will consider other applications.

      A SERMEISS STUDY-TRAVEL INSTITUTE:  Morocco Land of Past & Present

      SERMEISS has organized a group summer study-travel Institute in Morocco,  June 14-28, 2003.  The theme of the Institute is "Morocco Land of Past and Present," and will focus on the distinctive nature of Morocco as a setting for understanding the dynamic changes penetrating the Arab and Islamic worlds today.  The Institute will be conducted by the Center for Cross-Cultural Learning in the old city of Rabat.  Lectures and site visits in Rabat will be joined by excursions by bus and overnight stays in Fez and Marrakech.  The group will leave from JFK via Royal Air Maroc for Casablanca on Saturday, June 14, and will return to New York from Marrakech via Casablanca on Saturday June 28.   No pre-Institute orientation meeting is planned at this time, but participants will receive a packet of readings and suggested travel tips ahead of time.

      The round-trip cost from New York for "Morocco Land of Past & Present" will be $1350.00 per person, including full room and board and transportation in Morocco. 

      Participants will stay in double-occupancy hotel rooms in Rabat, Fez, and Marrakech.  In Rabat, participants will stay at the centrally located Hotel Terminus.  Airfare costs to New York's JFK airport are in addition to the $1350.00 and will be arranged individually for participants by a Washington-based travel agent who works closely with Royal Air Maroc, Delta, and USAirways. 

      Prospective participants are urged to make plans to attend by March 31, 2003.  A down-payment of $500 will be due at that time, non-refundable after April 15th, at which time the remaining $850 will be due.

      While the Institute is aimed at teachers and their specific needs, other participants are welcome.  Please contact the group leader below.

      Dr. James A. Miller, professor of geography at Clemson University and a scholar of Morocco, will accompany the group from New York.  For more information, contact him directly at:      204 Hardin Hall, Clemson University, Clemson SC 29634.  Telephone 864-656-5368.  Email  miller3@...

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