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  • Robert Muckle
    For those interested in the 2003 SACC meetings in Vancouver.... 1. AAA president Don Brenneis will be in attendance at the April 9th board meetings and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2003
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      For those interested in the 2003 SACC meetings in Vancouver....

      1. AAA president Don Brenneis will be in attendance at the April 9th
      board meetings and the Thursday sessions.

      2. There will be some options for the Thursday afternoon walking tours.

      Tentatively, there are three. One will have First Nations theme,
      including the viewing of some pretty good totem poles in Stanley Park
      (one of the largest urban parks in the world). Another tour will take
      participants to the gritty part of town. Those interested in drug
      culture may find this particularly interesting. Another tour will focus
      on the areas locals like to go, some interesting downtown streets with
      unusual shops and the beach
      (not that it will be warm enough to go swimming). These tours are being
      designed and will be led by current and former anthropology students who
      live, work, and/or play in these areas.

      3. Participants of the conference will be provided with a few
      one-pagers, including a restaurant guide prepared just for this meeting
      and a guide for purchasing Northwest Coast Art. The restaurant guide is
      being prepared by an anthropology student who lives downtown and the
      guide to buying Northwest Coast art is being prepared by my colleague at
      Capilano College and new SACC member Gillian Crowther, who is expert in
      this Northwest Coast art.

      4. The textbook publishers committed to exhibiting during the Thursday
      evening reception include Nelson/Thomson/Wadsworth; Pearson/Prentice
      Hall/Allyn and Bacon/Longman/Addison Wesley; and Broadview (a Canadian
      publisher with about 40 titles in anthropology). Festival Music, which
      distributes a wide variety of musical genres, including world and
      ethnographic, will also be exhibiting. All this is in addition, of
      course to a live performance of world music (details remain to be worked
      out on this) and a performance of Middle-Eastern dance by Diane
      Chidester. Believe me, this is one SACC reception you don't want to

      5. A few people have asked about a lesser registration fee for
      companions, spouses, friends, etc. There is no lesser fee. There is
      relatively little profit built into the registration fee. If a
      companion doesn't want to eat with us, then something could be arranged
      individually for the Thursday afternoon walking tour and reception,
      and/or for the Friday afternoon field trip. You should contact me
      off-list if you want to go this route.

      6. Remember the deadline for proposals (paper and luncheon roundtables
      is February 14th. The deadline for pre-registration (less expensive than
      on-site registration) is March 3rd. The deadline for the discounted rate
      at the hotel is also March 3rd.

      7. Remember there is information about the meetings, including a
      registration form, on the SACC web site.

      Bob Muckle
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