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FW: [ANTHRO-L] Himalayan Anthropology Field camp [fwd]

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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] Himalayan Anthropology Field camp [fwd]

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      Subject: Himalayan Anthropology Field camp
      Himalayan Health Exchange
      Tibetan Borderlands Anthropology Field Expedition 2003
      Himalayan Health Exchange will organize a 3-week anthropology field expedition to the remote Himalayan region of SPITI, located in North India and Tibetan Borderlands in 2003.  The trip will also include a visit to Dharamsala ( home to his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Tibetans in Exile). The expedition offers fieldwork and research opportunities for students, faculty and anybody else interested in the anthropology of the region.  It offers knowledge and understanding of the evolution of ancient Tibetan and Himalayan culture, social, and religious practices and beliefs from ancient BonPon era to present - day Buddhism
      This is a high altitude expedition in rugged Trans Himalayan regions. Field camp elevations range between 8,000feet -15,000 feet with higher pass crossings. As a participant, you must be in good health and willing to work in improvised field campsites.
      Spiti - once a part of Guge (pronounced Googay) Empire of Tibet, lies in the Indian Himalayan region and at the edge of Western Tibetan Plateau. Our anthropology expedition takes us on a journey through this ancient Buddhist land where travel was restricted until 1992 and only a few adventurers had set foot. Field trip includes visit to Pin Valley-home to the snow leopard, Kibber - the highest permanent human settlement in the world and Dharamsala - home to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and Tibetans in Exile.
      Subject Areas:
      Cultural, social and physical anthropology
      Medical Anthropology
      Trip Dates: June 18- July 9 2003
      Program fee: US $ 1,780 plus international airfare

      Program Coordinators:
      Dr. Geoffrey Burkhart, Associate Professor of Anthropology, American University, Washington DC
      Anindita Rao, Anthropologist
      Dr. Laxman S. Thakur, Professor of Anthropology, History and Social Sciences, University of Himachal Pradesh, India
      For More Details Contact:
      Himalayan Health Exchange 404-929-9399 or e-mail: info@...
      Anindita Rao  e-mail: t_anindita@...
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