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FW: [ANTHRO-L] Call for Papers - Tourism & Photography: Still visions - changing lives

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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] Call for Papers - Tourism & Photography: Still
      visions - changing lives

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      Tourism & Photography: Still visions - Changing lives

      This is the 1st Call for Papers for "TOURISM & PHOTOGRAPHY: STILL VISIONS -
      CHANGING LIVES", an international academic conference organised by CENTRE FOR
      University, UK. The conference will be held in Sheffield, United Kingdom, 20-23
      July 2003.

      A multi-dimensional approach to tourism & photography: Social and human
      scientists of various disciplines (art history, sociology, anthropology,
      geography, aesthetics, etc) have been investigating different dimensions of
      photography for many years. Although the 'taking' of photographs is one of the
      most characteristic and symbolic moments in tourism, relatively little
      attention has been given to this particular relationship. In terms of tourist
      experience, it appears as a way to create visual narratives of both journeys,
      places, peoples and objects that collectively and individually comprise the
      tourist gaze. In terms of social and symbolic interaction, it operates a
      political economy of signs by constructing and re-constructing, inventing and
      re-inventing visual representations of places, spaces and histories. In terms
      of local and social identity, photographic images represent a "test" of
      peoples' ethnic and cultural self-awareness.

      Why do tourists take photos of certain things and not of others? Why do
      tourists take photos at all? How do photos build places, how do they change
      places and shape lives? How are photos used to define people and territories?
      How do locals negotiate photographic images of themselves? The aim of "Tourism
      & Photography: Still Visions - Changing Lives" is to explore these
      questionings from different disciplinary perspectives. Themes of interest to
      the conference include:
      - Through the Lens: Camera - Tourist Relationships
      - Photographic Pioneers in the Evolution of Tourist Destinations
      - Inventing and Re-inventing Landscapes for Tourism
      - Framing Beauty for Visitors
      - Commercial Photography and the Tourist Brochure
      - Photographs as Triggers for Tourist Memory
      - Representing Places, Peoples and Pasts
      - Negotiating Cultural Identity
      - Resisting the Captured Image

      Contributions are welcome from a variety of disciplines including: art history,
      photography, media studies, sociology, anthropology, history, aesthetics,
      psychology, geography, political sciences, landscape theory, etc. Case studies,
      evaluations and theoretical perspectives are all acceptable. Abstracts of no
      more than 300 words should be submitted as soon as possible but by 15st April
      2003 at the latest. Please indicate your full name & postal / electronic
      address on the same page. Abstracts should be directed to Dr. David Picard
      (please send your abstract as an electronic file to d.picard@...).

      David Picard
      Centre for Tourism & Cultural Change and School of Cultural Studies
      Sheffield Hallam University
      City Campus - Howard Street
      Sheffield S1 1WB, UK

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