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FW: Pecos Conference Update

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      Subject: Pecos Conference Update
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      >Subject: Pecos Conference Update
      >Pecos Conference Update
      >This announcement is being sent to encourage and provide
      opportunities for
      >conference, topic and speaking synergies. It is also time to
      >Please forward this notice to all your colleagues and ask them to
      >the 1999 Pecos Conference organizers and join the effort to
      increase and
      >diffuse knowledge. Look for program updates (PDF document) on SWA
      >>>July 18, 1999
      >Attached is the list of people who have submitted requests to
      speak. As of
      >this date, we have 350 registered and between 400-500
      archaeologists are
      >expected. Lucinda
      >List of Speakers
      >Name Date Affiliation Topic
      >1. Mark Hackbarth 5/30 Van Bergen-LA Museum Expedition of 1030
      >2. Ruth Van Dyke 5/30 The Chacoan Connection in the Red Mesa
      Valley, field
      >3. Steven Dosh 5/30 Field Report � Rt. 93 � Data Collection at 13
      >4. Camelita Topaha 6/2 Native Americans at Pecos Repatriation in
      >5. David Hill 6/2 Gallina Farming Communities in NC New Mexico
      >6. Tom Yoder 6/2 Salado Rockshelter
      >7. Allen Dart 6/3 Networks and Links Among Voluntary Archaeology
      >8. Anne Marshall 6/5 Anasazi Great Houses Online
      >9. Thomas, David Hurst 6/7 Digging at Mission San Marcos
      >10. Chris Wenker 6/16 A Prehistoric Cotton Storehouse near Cave
      Creek, AZ
      >11. Jane Kolber, Donna Yoder 6/16 The Chaco Rock Art Reassessment
      >12. Owen Lindauer 6/21 Archaeology at the Cutting Edge: ADOT's
      >13. Christopher Adams 6/21 Apache Archaeology in the Guadalupe
      >New Mexico
      >14. David Abbott 6/21 Hohokam Ceramics and Marketplace Linkages
      During the
      >Sedentary Period
      >15. Daniel Cutrone 6/21 Anasazi Pueblo I-II Redware; Relationships
      >the Four Corners.
      >16. John Welch 6/22 Submitted to Linda prior
      >17. Dennis Gilpin 6/24 Highway Salvage Archaeology Beautiful
      Valley, AZ
      >and the San Juan Basin, NM.
      >18. Joe Stewart 6/28 Chihuahuan Archaeology South of Paquime �
      >Progress Report
      >19. Cory Breternitz 6/28 Soil Systems Inc. Work at Pueblo Grande
      and the
      >Phoenix Area
      >20. Esther Morgan 6/28 Linking Pre-Reservation Tonto Apache
      History with
      >the Present: A Study of Butterfly Springs
      >21. Ron Ryden 6/28 New Findings of the Western Papagueria
      >22. Grace J. Ellis 6/28 Williams Fiber Optic Survey
      >23. Jennifer Lavris 6/28 An Overview of the Transcontinental and
      >Pacific Railroad System in AZ
      >24. Chuck Adams 6/29 1999 Research at Homolovi I by ASM
      >25. Leonard Banks 6/29 Five Years of Fieldwork at DC Ranch,
      >Mountains, AZ
      >26. David Purcell 6/29 Basque Sheepherding in Camp Navajo
      >27. James Walker 6/30 The Archaeological Conservancy � An Update
      on SW
      >28. Evelyn Billo and Robert Mark 6/30 Hueco Tanks Pictographs: A
      >29. William Dale 7/11 Backcountry Site Assessment at Mesa Verde
      >30. Tom Windes 7/11 A Chacoan Community at Pueblo Pintado
      >31. Paul Reed 7/11 Recent NNAD Fieldwork on Road Projects in New
      >32. Emily Donald 7/11 The Archaeology of Music and Performance in
      >33. Sarah Herr 7/11 Steve Plog's Symposium
      >34. Randy Fox 7/11 Mini- Symposium, Early Formative Period
      >Above the Mogollon Rim: An Examination of a Pueblo I Sinagua Site
      >35. Larry Nordby 7/11 Cliff Palace Documentation Results
      >36. James Snead 7/11 Prehistoric Trails of the Pajarito Plateau
      >37. Dody Fugate 7/11 Dog Burials, Got Any?
      >38. Lisa Young 7/11 Rewriting Homol'ovi Culture History:
      >Testing at Creswell Pueblo
      >39. Bruce Huckell 7/11 Test Excavations at a Folsom site in the
      Middle Rio
      >Grande Valley
      >40. Lisa Hucknell 7/11 Picking God's Pocket: The Final Chapter
      >41. Megg Heath 7/11 Linking Teachers and Archaeologists
      >42. Barbara Mills 7/16 1999 Excavations at the Bryant Ranch Site
      >Bailey Ruin; Silver Creek Archaeological Research Project
      >43. David Wilcox 7/16 Hilltop survey in West Central Arizona
      >44. Brenda Dorr 7/16 Curation in the New Millenia
      >45. William Lucius 6/14/99 Have Kiln, Will Travel
      Anita Cohen-Williams
      Contributing Editor, Anthropology page, http://www.suite101.com
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      efax: 707-276-7914

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