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FW: Carrie Project: Full Text Electronic Library

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      Subject: Carrie Project: Full Text Electronic Library

      Just to inform you of a new project called Carrie. Text from their Web site
      is below.
      Thanks to H.B. Paksoy for bringing it to our attention, and for leading the
      wave of donations to the project!

      - - - - - - - - - -

      With the extension of US copyright to a maximum of ninety years, the only
      books that can be made freely available on-line are those published before
      1923, those for which no application was made for the extension of copyright
      beyond twenty-eight years, and those freely donated by the copyright
      Carrie has established a repository for donated works and invites
      copyright holders who wish their works to continue to be made available to
      a wider public to provide Carrie with a copy of their work, preferably in
      digital form, and explicit permission to make that work electronically
      accessible without charge to the public. For further details or to make a
      donation, contact Lynn Nelson at lhnelson@...
      Readers should note that the electronic publication of these works does not
      place them in the public domain. Copies of part or whole may be made in
      accordance with the provisions of Fair Use, and links to this site may be
      made freely, but the republication of these works either electronically or
      in print, either commercially or not for profit, should not be undertaken
      without express permission from the copyright holder or from Carrie acting
      for the copyright holder.
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