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FW: Signs: Globalization Call for Papers

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      Subject: Signs: Globalization Call for Papers
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      Call for Papers
      "Signs" Special Issue: "Globalization and Gender"
      "Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society" seeks submissions for a
      special issue on "Globalization and Gender," slated for publication in
      Summer 2001. For this special issue, we will focus on feminist critiques of
      the prevailing ways in which globalization has been conceptualized. Since
      traditional scholarship on globalization has ignored gender issues, feminist
      approaches provide new insights into the reconfiguration of the state,
      transnational economies, and cultural formations. Whether these changes are
      due to what David Harvey has termed "time-space compression" or to the
      movements and flows of finance capital, goods, or labor, feminist
      scholarship and pedagogy are vital to understanding global pro-cesses and
      movements in a transnational moment. For example, feminist approaches to
      globalization might address: the emergence of women as a new labor force;
      the rise of feminized service industries in many parts of the world; the
      centrality of consumption practices; the emergence of gendered social
      movements in relation to sexuality, religion, and ethnicity; the gendering
      of ecological activism; the practices of global media empires; the nature of
      feminist politics in a world of non-governmental organi-zations (NGOs) and
      transnational coalitions; and the relationship of women and gender to new
      technologies of communication.
      This special issue seeks submissions that address such topics as the
      relationship between gender and globalization, feminist critiques and
      under-standings of globalization, earlier forms of globalization in
      comparison and connection to contemporary processes, the gendered dimensions
      of new forms of global information and finance systems, the
      transnationalization of identity politics based on gender and sexuality, the
      globalization of race and multiculturalism, global and transnational women's
      and gender-related NGOs, and new forms of internationalism and nationalism.
      Above all, rather than analyses that simply add women or gender to the study
      of globalization, we seek essays that situate and historicize feminist
      know-ledges as formative and integral to a variety of global movements. We
      en-courage the submission of essays that address pedagogical practice as
      well as research and we are especially interested in interdisciplinary and
      collaborative approaches.
      The special issues editors are Amrita Basu (political science, Amherst
      College), Inderpal Grewal (women studies, San Francisco State University),
      Caren Kaplan (womens studies, University of California, Berkeley), and
      Liisa Malkki (anthropology, University of California, Irvine). Please
      submit articles (five copies) no later than October 31, 1999, to
      Signs, Globalization and Gender
      Box 354345, C14 Padelford Hall
      University of Washington
      Seattle, WA 98195-4345.

      Please observe the guidelines in the Notice to Contributors printed in the
      most recent issue of the journal.
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