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FW: Call for Papers - Please post

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      Subject: Call for Papers - Please post

      Intercultural Communication and Creative Practice:
      Women, Performance and Civic Discourse in Global Contexts
      in the New Ablex Publishing Co. Series "Civic Discourse for the Third
      Chapter essays are solicited for Intercultural Communication and Creative
      Practice: Women, Performance and Civic Discourse in Global Contexts. This
      book will examine the challenges and successes women face as public
      performers in global contexts, particularly in developing nations. Exploring
      women's role in music, dance and theater, the book will focus on women
      performers in post-colonial and orientalist contexts, which have rendered
      them as the exotic 'Other', or in other settings where women have
      traditionally been silenced from public civic discourse.
      Drawing from feminist discourses emerging from the so-called 'Third World',
      the book problematizes the historical positions of women on public stages
      and how the past creates barriers to women's success as contemporary
      musicians, dancers and theatrical performers. The book examines
      architectural and spacial boundaries traditionally erected for women
      generally and women performers specifically. Moroccan feminist Fatima
      Mernissi argues that "the ritualized trespasses" of women in the public
      sphere equates women, on stage and on the street, as prostitutes.
      The book is will be distinguished by women's articulations from regions such
      as Africa, Asia, and Latin America who interrogate the problems women face
      in the public sphere, the objectification and exploitation of women, and the
      historicized notions of femininity and sexuality in developing nations.
      While theoretically rigorous, the book will be accessible and engaging to
      both undergraduate and graduate students as well as scholars. The book will
      present women's civic discourse in a unique way - through an examination of
      the intersections of intercultural communication and creative practice.
      Finally, the book looks to the future of intercultural and creative practice
      as civic discourse as women performers move into the Third Millennium.
      As the series addresses communication in the Third Millennium all chapters
      should have a futuristic focus. Chapter essays should utilize civic
      discourse/communication as the base (women's civic discourse intersected
      with either interpersonal, intercultural, ethnocultural, multicultural,
      international, multinational, development, organizational, media or global
      civic discourse/communication).
      Deadline for submission of one-page (250 word) abstract, preferably by
      e-mail: September 30, 1999
      Deadline for submission of essays: December 15, 1999
      Chapter Essay Submission Details:
      The best 15 blind-reviewed essays will be included in Intercultural
      Communication and Creative Practice: Women, Performance and Civic Discourse
      in Global Contexts. Each submitted work (18 double spaced manuscript pages
      plus references) should begin with the title of the essay, name of the
      individual author(s), institutional affiliation, 40 word abstract,
      introduction, appropriate headings, chapter summary, concluding with 5
      "Discussion Questions," and references. The concept of civic
      discourse/communication needs to be integrated in each chapter. Chapters
      should have a futuristic orientation. Note that these essays are intended
      not only for a scholarly audience, but also for university students. The
      latest APA style for citations and references is required. Essay should be
      accompanied by a 40 word biographical statement of each author, and key
      terms selected by the author(s) for inclusion in a subject index. Both 3
      hard copies and 1 disk are required. Each author should include a vita.
      About the Editor and Series Editor:
      The editor, Fulbright Scholar Dr Laura Lengel, has research experience in
      Central, Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and
      the Americas. She researches and lectures in international and intercultural
      communication, culture and technology, and gender and women's studies, and
      research methodologies. She is also the editor of "Culture and Technology in
      the New Europe" in the same series. The Series Editor of "Civic Discourse in
      the Third Millennium" is Dr Michael Prosser, Kern Professor of
      Communications of Rochester Institute of Technology and author/editor of
      eight books on international and intercultural communication.
      Inquiries and essays should be sent to:
      Laura Lengel, Ph.D.
      Assistant Professor
      Department of Communications
      The American International University in London
      1 St. Albans Grove
      London W8 5PN ENGLAND

      Phone: +44-171-603-3292
      e-mail: lengell@... <mailto:lengell@...>

      Web: http://www.vptech.demon.co.uk/lengel/publications/call.html
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