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FW: COTA Meeting Notes

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  • Lewine, Mark
    One of the better events to come out of the AAA meeting-SACC recognized and included as source of expertise in teaching anthropology within AAA
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      One of the better events to come out of the AAA meeting-SACC recognized
      and included as source of expertise in teaching anthropology within AAA
      organizations...we need to continue this collaboration with GAD's COTA

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      Subject: RE: COTA Meeting Notes


      Your notes from the meeting look great! I have nothing to add except to
      underscore my interest in pursuing sponsoring of the roundtables by my
      company, McGraw-Hill. I would volunteer to be a discussion leader but
      would probably be inappropriate because I am with a publisher. However,
      I do
      look forward to remaining an active member of the committee in whatever
      capacity that I can.

      Please let me know more about your needs for subsidizing the costs of
      roundtable and I will see what we can do.


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      Subject: COTA Meeting Notes

      Thank-you all for coming, this was the best attended, liveliest and most
      goal oriented COTA I've ever attended. I call these notes rather than
      minutes because I'm not too confident of their completeness. Please help
      to rectify any omissions or distortions. I introduced myself as the
      Chair, to be succeeded by Susan Buck-Sutton in '03 and Mike Coggeshall
      '04. It would be my fond wish that the group attracts a large & loyal
      following and that, in '04, we'll have a vigorously contested election

      I would say that the overall theme of our discussions was how to get
      teaching sessions on the program at AAA in order to cater for all those
      care about pedagogy, "new" (e.g. grad student) and Community College
      faculty, in particular. There is also an interest in offering useful
      and ideas on teaching anthropology (at the pre-college level as well)
      via a
      website. Further, There is the sense that GAD should extend an
      invitation to
      NASA to join forces w/ the promise of lots of input and serious
      treatment of
      the issue of preparing new teachers of anthropology. SACC is very
      in contributing to this effort. I'm hoping that GAD President Karl
      and Student member-at-large Kathryn Mathers will follow up on this
      initiative w. NASA.

      For next year we have, potentially, a robust set of offerings. It is
      that Pat Rice et al will again sponsor a Wednesday "Institute." This
      is not subject to the rigors of competition for inclusion. However, many
      questions arose regarding the purpose and content. There is a general
      that the format ought to reflect felt needs. That is, that presenters
      offer very practical tools geared to the kinds of teaching that TAs,
      year teachers, Community College Adjuncts & the like will face (along
      lines of Joyce Lucke's presentation this year). There was the suggestion
      that presenters bring lots of hand-outs or "take-away" materials. And
      the Institute incorporate the construction, for each participant, of a
      teaching portfolio. There was also the suggestion that a 2-part, all-day
      Institute w/ the practical stuff in the AM and the more historical,
      and discursive material offered by some presenters be offered during the
      afternoon. Someone (sorry) suggested that a good place to begin to look
      ideas would be those colleges and universities that have robust faculty
      development efforts underway. I've alerted Karl Heider to our concerns
      I'm hoping that Joyce Lucke , Susan Buck-Sutton and Kathryn would be
      to open further dialogue w/ him re the Institute.

      I'm also confident that Pat Rice will lobby ferociously to insure that
      session she calls "Tricks of Teaching" will make it on to the program. I
      understand that part of the strategy to do that will be to seek
      sponsorship from CSAA.

      And we have a promise from AAA to make our "Conversations on Teaching"
      Roundtables an annual event. The consensus of opinion was that these
      work better as a 4-5:30 Wine & Cheese affair rather than luncheon. GAD
      already budgeted $$ to subsidize this event and Thom Holmes has
      agreed to seek sponsorship from his employer, McGraw-Hill. I believe the
      precise format of the Roundtable hasn't been nailed down, please get
      suggestion to Susan about how these should be conducted. And also let
      know if you'd like to be a discussion leader in future. I see the
      Roundtables as an excellent way of building COTA membership, think of
      as social flypaper.

      Next we have another potential pre-conference workshop on "The City as
      Classroom" proposed by Jane Eva Baxter and Sharon Nagy, from DePaul,
      building on their very successful poster presentation this year.

      Then I placed the following note in the GAD column of AN:

      COTA is seeking presenters for 2 or more sessions on teaching at the '03
      meetings. One topic we'd like to pursue is "Critical analyses of
      'Educational' media including textbooks, films, software and
      Those interested in this topic are urged to write to David Lancy
      (dlancy@...). A second topic we'd like to pursue is: "Creative
      solutions to 'Creationism' and other attacks on the fundamentals of
      anthropology" Those interested in this topic are urged to write to Mike
      Coggeshall (raucus@...). Other suggested topics are welcome and
      proposers should write to Susan Buck-Sutton (ssutton@...).

      Both grew out of our discussions and I'm hopeful that our SACC
      Mark Lewine. Barry Kass, Ellen C.K. Johnson will assist us in filling a
      roster of speakers for these sessions. In particular, I'd hope we could
      individuals willing to critically analyze introductory anthropology
      and high school texts (Ellen?) that incorporate( or make a hash of)

      Ronald Statsman is interested in ways to incorporate the use of
      software into research methods courses and he may find partners for that
      enterprise in the Council on Anthropology and Education. And, in fact,
      made the excellent suggestion that we lobby section leaders to sponsor
      their own sessions on teaching (e.g. "Teaching Latin American Studies").
      suspect that groups like Humanisitic Anthropology and Gay and Lesbian
      Studies that lack a pedagogical canon would be particularly receptive.
      Susan has agreed to mount this appeal.

      That about does it for now...write to me with your ideas. David
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