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      Subject: Professional Learning Opportunities, 1999-2000 (fwd)

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      Subject: Professional Learning Opportunities, 1999-2000


      Please excuse cross-postings.
      The Cultural Resource Management Program at the University of Victoria is
      pleased to announce our calendar of upcoming professional learning
      opportunities for Fall 1999 and Winter 2000. For more information, please
      visit our web site at http://www.uvcs.uvic.ca/crmp/
      <http://www.uvcs.uvic.ca/crmp/> or contact Kelly Wilhelm
      by phone (250) 721-6119 or email: kwilhelm@...
      In Victoria...
      Managing Archaeological Information with Luke Dalla Bona, October 4 - 9
      The information associated with archaeological sites and resources is
      unique, complex, and laden with cultural and political values. This course
      examines the nature of archaeological information and the key considerations
      in collecting, organizing, managing and sharing it in integrated and
      respectful ways. You will develop your ability to:
      * recognize the range of information that pertains to archaeological
      resources and sites
      * appreciate the values it holds for associated cultural groups,
      researchers, and archaeological resource managers
      * develop appropriate consultative and collaborative approaches to
      information management
      * understand legal, ethical and moral considerations in collecting,
      storing, accessing, and using archaeological information
      * understand the use of a range of technologies, including database,
      Internet, GIS and GPS systems, to record, manage and share information *
      anticipate the impacts of emerging issues and technologies

      Instructor: Luke Dalla Bona is an archaeological consultant with
      experience with the development and management of archaeological
      Dates: October 4 - 9 with preparatory assignment
      Please Register by: September 10
      Fees: $589
      Location: University of Victoria, BC, Canada

      Museums at the Crossroads with Stephen E. Weil, August 23 - 28
      Heritage Area Conservation: Strategies for Sustainable Management with
      Robert Lemon, October 25 - 30
      Planning in Cultural Organizations with Gail Lord, November 1 - 6
      Communicating Through Exhibitions, November 22 - 27
      Distance Education...
      Museum Principles and Practices, September 18, 1999 to April 16, 2000
      Principles and Practices in Heritage Conservation, September 18, 1999 to
      April 16, 2000

      Collections Management with Jacqueline Gijssen, October 18, 1999 to February
      4, 2000

      Plan ahead for Winter and Spring 2000....
      In Victoria...
      Heritage Interpretation, February 7 - 12
      Museums in the Marketplace with Pamela Johnson, February 21 - 26
      Approaches to Repatriation with Tom Hill, April 10 - 15
      Distance Education...
      Museum Information Management with Jim Blackaby, January 17 - April 21


      Kelly Wilhelm, Program Coordinator
      Cultural Resource Management Program
      Division of Continuing Studies
      University of Victoria
      P.O. Box 3030 STN CSC
      Victoria, BC Canada V8W 3N6

      Phone: (250) 721-6119
      Fax: (250) 721-8774
      Email: kwilhelm@... <mailto:kwilhelm@...>

      Visit our Web Site! http://www.uvcs.uvic.ca/crmp/
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