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FW: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! [IDNet] Ohio: A Win or Spin? - Part 2

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  • Popplestone, Ann
    ... From: Steven A. Edinger [mailto:steven.edinger.1@ohio.edu] Sent: Friday, November 08, 2002 2:28 PM To: Science Education Subject: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!
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      From: Steven A. Edinger [mailto:steven.edinger.1@...]
      Sent: Friday, November 08, 2002 2:28 PM
      To: Science Education
      Subject: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! [IDNet] Ohio: A Win or Spin? - Part 2

      The fish.

      Read this very carefully, then we must decide what to do with this information.
      This is a smoking gun, but to use it with board members means exposing Nick's
      existence in particular and the fact IDNet has a leak in general. I still have
      a second mole identity under cover, and our original mole may still be out
      there in the background (Patricia, can you check on the status of the original
      mole?) BUT, I am sure that if IDNet realizes they have one leak they are likely
      to realize there could be others. We may no longer get inside information we
      now get routinely, even if a little slowly (I still have some back messages,
      but none as important as this).


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      > Subject: RE: [IDNet] Ohio: A Win or Spin?
      > Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 13:43:39 -0500
      > Hi Nick,
      > Some of us here in Ohio have had lots of discussions over the question you
      > raise.
      > The fact is, the benchmarks and indicators that discuss biological evolution
      > still represent and evolution-only-as-fact position that we have lobbied
      > against here, and which we continue to critique.
      > On the other hand, there were two critical changes made that, when taken in
      > light of the specified intent of the board members that authored them, are
      > helpful. The one change is a fix to the definition of science. The
      > previous definition constituted state-sponsored naturalistic philosophy.
      > The replacement is properly objective. This change allows Santorum and
      > similar language ("teachers should discuss scientific alternatives") to NOT
      > exclude, by definition, discussion of ID. The other change is a clause that
      > requires students to learn how scientists continue to critically analyze
      > evolutionary theory. Again, taken with the stated intent of those who
      > proposed that language, this means that teachers are required to teach
      > evidence for and against the theory of evolution.
      > We think the real result will be determined by the next step in the process,
      > which is turning the standards into the model curriculum.
      > Doug
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      > From: Nick
      > Sent: Friday, November 08, 2002 12:57
      > To: ID Net Egroups
      > Subject: [IDNet] Ohio: A Win or Spin?
      > Hello IDNetters!
      > I have been reading, talking and listening about Ohio's science standards,
      > and
      > I guess I am missing something. From what I have heard, intelligent design
      > is
      > not included in the standards, nor is there direction to include intelligent
      > design or even teaching the controversy over evolution in the standards. It
      > sounds as if the standards go on as if there is no such thing as ID and as
      > if
      > there is not a very serious controversy and debate about evolution, when all
      > of
      > us know full well there is and know full well the controversy has existed
      > since
      > Darwin first came up with evolution. What did we win in Ohio? How can we
      > get
      > teachers to cover ID like they should?
      > On the other hand, the sun is out, the ski is blue and the wind is rustling
      > through the leaves. It is another glorious day in the Creation, even if
      > scientists don't see the design of nature proves they have a Creator!
      > Keep fighting!
      > Nick
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      Please see the Ohio Citizens for Science's web page at:


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