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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Subject: *assemblage*

      Dear Colleague,

      This is just a reminder that we are looking for contributions for
      *assemblage* Issue 5, which will be on-line by the end of NOVEMBER 1999.


      If you no longer wish to receive information about *assemblage*, please
      reply to this e - mail with 'REMOVE' in the subject box. If you are
      receiving more than one copy of e - mails please let us know.


      We are seeking submissions from archaeology postgraduate students and
      professionals for the following sections:
      *Research Papers: 3000 - 5000 words defending a thesis: original works,
      versions of conference papers or parts of forthcoming books or
      *Features: 2000 - 3000 words, methodological and theoretical essays,
      critical commentary, investigative journalism.
      *Forum: For Issue 5 we propose a theme of "Archaeology and Ethnicity", this
      could include material culture and ethnicity, the past as a political tool,
      archaeology's role in the formation of nation states - hopefully forming an
      on-line debate.
      *State of the Arch.: Short pieces less than 2000 words describing advances
      in investigation, research and presentation technologies.
      *Field Notes: Favourite sites, thoughts from field archaeology, short
      articles or diary snippets.
      *Reviews: Book, television, conference, CD-ROMM reviews needed.
      *Fun Pages: Jokes (relevant to archaeology; fresh ones please), anecdotes,
      acrostics, crosswords, cartoons.
      *Info Section: Brief entries for conferences, seminars, lectures.
      The deadline for Forum, Research Papers and Features: 30 JULY 1999; for all
      other submissions 27 AUGUST 1999.
      We look forward to receiving your contribution, which can be sent to us
      by email.

      Best wishes
      The Assemblage 5 Team
      Katy Chance
      Caroline Hamilton
      Alison Hynd
      Andy Wigley

      *assemblage*: electronic journal of archaeology of
      the graduate students of Sheffield University
      WWW: <http://www.shef.ac.uk/~assem <http://www.shef.ac.uk/~assem> >
      E. mail: <assemblage@... <mailto:assemblage@...> >
      Telephone: +0114-222-5102/9 | Fax +0114-272-7437 Research School of
      Archaeology & Arch. Science West Court, 2 Mappin St., Sheffield S1 4DT, U.K.

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