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FW: Immediate travel to Indonesia

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      Please do not reply to me or to the list, contact the filmaker. - Mara
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      I have been asked to conduct research for a friend who is going to be
      filming a documentary in two weeks. The documentary will take four people
      from Sydney, australia to indonesia and surrounding Islands by sailing boat,
      in two weeks, for four months. One of the main characters is a female
      anthropologist, preferably with a focus on indonesian studies. this person
      will be very important to the documentary as the story will be seen through
      her eyes and through a diary she will keep.
      After meeting the person we had intended for the role, we found that she was
      not what we were looking for. At this point I am searching for someone who
      may be interested in going on a journey of a lifetime. Someone with the
      following credentials:
      The person has to be female and have studied the area of Indonesia/south
      East Asia. She has to be able to leave Sydney (if you are not in Sydney we
      will fly you here) in approximately two weeks and be away for a period of
      four months. She does not have to be working as an Anthropologist, a post
      grad student will do.
      If you are interested or know someone who may be please contact Mariangela
      Angelucci on e-mail: mari@... <mailto:mari@...> or
      fax (61) (02) 9371 2210 as soon as possible.
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
      Kind Regards
      Mariangela Angelucci

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