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FW: [ANTHRO-L] Volunteer Position Announcement -- TAC Needs Your Help

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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] Volunteer Position Announcement -- TAC Needs Your

      Volunteer Position Announcement: Assistant Underwriting
      Coordinator, Archaeological Legacy Institute

      Background: Underwriting, the nonprofit form of sponsorship, is
      key to the fundraising strategy of The Archaeology Channel
      (www.archaeologychannel.org), our streaming-media
      public-education website. Strong growth in our audience (now
      600,000 hits/month from 45,000 individual visitors) has moved TAC
      to the upper ranks of archaeology websites worldwide. The size of
      our audience also makes us more attractive to prospective
      underwriters. To realize the potential of this form of financial
      support, we must make a concerted effort to reach companies and
      organizations who may be inclined to join with us as underwriting
      partners. We are seeking a qualified volunteer to assist our
      volunteer Underwriting Coordinator, Dr. Guy Prouty, in his
      efforts to expand our Underwriting Program.

      Duties: Work with Underwriting Coordinator in prospecting for and
      communicating with underwriters. Help develop underwriting
      prospect list. Contact and communicate with prospective and
      existing underwriters. This involves making daytime telephone
      calls (Monday-Friday) to prospects on the list. Work from your
      own home or office.

      Qualifications: Marketing experience. Communication skills.
      Archaeological background preferred but not absolutely required.
      Must be willing to introduce TAC to companies and organizations
      over the telephone. Must be able to spend 5-10 hours per week on
      this task.

      Deadline: 20 July 2002

      To apply: Send brief e-mail message expressing interest along
      with attached or appended resume to Dr. Guy Prouty
      (mailto:guyprouty@...), Underwriting Coordinator,
      Archaeological Legacy Institute

      Posted by:
      Richard M. Pettigrew, Ph.D., RPA
      President and Executive Director
      Archaeological Legacy Institute


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      Cassie Hemphill mailto:cassie@...
      Volunteer List Serve Coordinator for TAC

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