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FW: [ANTHRO-L] New Indian book: Discourse of Zindaginama [fwd]

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      FW: [ANTHRO-L] New Indian book: Discourse of Zindaginama [fwd]

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      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] New Indian book: Discourse of Zindaginama [fwd]

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      Subject: Discourse of Zindaginama - One Recent Title/E

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      Discourse of Zindaginama : A Semio-Anthropological Critique / Kumool
      Abbi.  1st ed. New Delhi, Harman Publishing House.  2002.  xxii, 329 p.
      maps. 25 cm.  (Harman Series in Semiotics - 2).
      List Price: $ 73.30     Your Price: $ 66 ISBN: 8186622497               KK-18445
      The semio-anthropological critique of Krishna Sobti's Zindaginama is a
      brilliant analysis by Dr. Kumool Abbi of a well-known Hindi text with a
      socio-cultural background of the erstwhile Punjab of the early years of the
      twentieth century. It presents a social construct which is upheld by the
      traditional values of family and community but which is also being
      simultaneously undermined by various existential assertions and intrigues.
      What we have here in this beautifully articulated text and the most
      rigorously realised conceptualisations is that every structure, social,
      cultural or political is in perpetual dialectical interaction with its
      antistructure. As a result, within a given manifest synchrony, the
      diachronic movements continuously subvert the so-called static wholes. The
      processes of structuration and de-structuration are reciprocal and
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