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FW: UNESCO WSC: Countries Asked to Integrate Women into Science

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      Subject: UNESCO WSC: Countries Asked to Integrate Women into Science

      Article from the UNESCO World Conference on Science. Other gender-related
      articles and press reports issued at the Conference are available at
      www.wigsat.org/news.html <http://www.wigsat.org/news.html> .
      WIGSAT - Women in Global Science and Technology
      Countries Asked To Integrate Women In Science
      June 28, 1999

      Mildred Mulenga, PANA Correspondent
      BUDAPEST, Hungary (PANA) - The president of the Third World Organisation for
      Women in Science, Lydia Makhuba, Monday called for the integration of women
      in science education, saying women are traditional educators and
      transmitters of cultural values.
      Makhuba, who is also vice-chancellor of the University of Swaziland, said
      there must be men and women scientists who are convinced that paradigm
      shifts are necessary in order to enable women to contribute to scientific
      and technological development. She said such shifts must first acknowledge
      that women perform social roles which are fundamental to human develop-ment
      and yet have the potential to use these roles to infuse a humane character
      into science and technology, making them more responsive to human needs.
      Makhubu was addressing the World Conference on Science. The forum is being
      attended by over 2,000 delegates involved in science, including
      decision-makers and non-governmental organisations.
      "We have to consider afresh the role of women in the scientific enterprise,
      to think it out again from the beginning", Makhuba said. "We must secure for
      women an entirely new value and significance. Only when we listen to the
      opinions of the disadvantaged will we be able to serve the intrests of
      humanity as a whole. An equitable partnership of men and women scientists
      can surely achieve that goal."
      She regretted that many of the pioneer women scientists had to overcome
      numerous hurdles ranging from outright rejection in scientific institu-tions
      to open discrimination in appointments in order to get to the top.
      According to Makhuba, many male scientific communities could not accept
      women as equal partners and colleagues who could contribute to the
      advancement of science as well as men and were seen as potential liabilities
      who could withdraw anytime from teaching, research and other scientific
      activities in order to get married. She proposed a number of interventions
      designed to address gender imbalances examined on the basis of target
      groups. These include the scientific community where collaboration between
      natural and social scientists was strongly advocated in order to address
      social issues relevant to the use of science. It would also help in
      confronting gender stereotyping in education since one of the greatest
      obstacles to women's progress in many parts of the developing world are
      inadequate opportunities for education.
      She said young girls should be encouraged to pursue scientific careers.
      Post-graduate training of women to the Ph.D levels should be promoted while
      strengthening their research output in universities and institutions.
      The Third World Organisation for Women in science has a membership of nearly
      2,000 women scientists from all parts of the developing world.

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