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FW: [from NCSE] Evolution Series to Rebroadcast Nationwide

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    ... From: Steven A. Edinger [mailto:steven.edinger.1@ohio.edu] Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 6:37 PM To: Science Education Cc: AIBS Evolution List Managers;
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      FW: [from NCSE] Evolution Series to Rebroadcast Nationwide

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      From: Steven A. Edinger [mailto:steven.edinger.1@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2002 6:37 PM
      To: Science Education
      Cc: AIBS Evolution List Managers; Edinger, William; Elfner, Lynn;
      Hummon, William ; Mckenzie, Clarice; McKenzie, Karen; McKenzie, Tom;
      McKenzie, Warren; Rovner, Jerome ; Seymour, Merton
      Subject: Fwd: [from NCSE] Evolution Series to Rebroadcast Nationwide

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      Dear NCSE Friends & Supporters,

      PBS will begin re-broadcasting the groundbreaking series Evolution, beginning
      May 14th, with the two hour episode Darwin<RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK>s Dangerous Idea and then showing
      two one hour episodes each consecutive week until June 4th.

      Produced by WGBH Boston and Clear Blue Sky Productions, Evolution represents
      the most comprehensive, multi-media project about the theory of evolution ever
      undertaken. Evolution was launched in September of 2001 on screen, online and
      in print.

      The complete WGBH press release is available on the NCSE web site in both PDF:


      And html formats:


      For additional resources visit the Evolution web site.


      Mark your calendars for May 14th!

      Skip Evans
      Network Project Director
      National Center for Science Education
      420 40th St, Suite 2
      Oakland, CA 94609
      510-601-7204 (fax)

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      Please see the Ohio Citizens for Science's web page at:


      "There is no adequate defense, except stupidity, against the impact of
      a new idea."
      -- Percy Williams Bridgman (1882-1961) U. S. physicist, Nobel Prize, 1946

      "The hypothesis we accept ought to explain phenomena which we have
      observed. But they ought to do more than this: our hypotheses ought to
      foretell phenomena which have not yet been observed."
      -- William Whewell (1794-1866) English mathematician, philosopher

      "Taken over the centuries, scientific ideas have exerted a force on our
      civilization fully as great as the more tangible practical applications
      of scientific research."
      -- I. Bernard Cohen (1914- ) U. S. historian of science

      "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution."
      -- Theodosius Dobzhansky, 1973

      Steven A. Edinger, Physiology Lab Instructor

      064 Irvine Hall
      Department of Biological Sciences               steven.edinger.1@...
      Ohio University                                 Office:  (740) 593-9484
      Athens, Ohio  45701-2979                        Fax:  (740) 593-0300

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