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FW: Announcement: WWW Gateway on Gender, Science and Technology

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      Subject: Announcement: WWW Gateway on Gender, Science and Technology

      Gender Advisory Board, UNCSTD Sets up Resource Site and Clearinghouse on
      Gender, Science and Technology for Development
      Budapest, June 29,1999
      A global clearinghouse WWW site of information, resources and
      recommendations in gender, science and technology for equitabl and
      sustainable development was launched today at the UNESCO World Congress
      According to Dr. Farkhonda Hassan and Dr. Geoff Oldham, Co-Chairs of the
      Gender Advisory Board of the United Nations Commission for Science and
      Technology for Development (UNCSTD), the Gender, Science and Technology
      Gateway (GST Gateway) is a resource for policy makers, UN agencies,
      development NGOs and others to implement gender-equitable and sustainable
      development policies, programmes and projects.
      The site is modeled on the seven areas for "Transformative Actions" outlined
      by the Gender Working Group Report to the UNCSTD which was ratified by
      UNCSTD and accepted by ECOSOC in July 1995. The areas include gender equity
      in science education, advancement in scientific careers, recognition of
      local knowledge systems, S&T for the needs of society, ethical issues,
      collecting gender-disaggregated data, and gender equity in S&T
      The GST Gateway contains policy recommendations, examples of case studies
      and best practices, key issues and research, existing initiatives, and lists
      of resources, including organisations working in each area, publications and
      internet resources. These resources are useful to policy makers interested
      in increasing national and regional capacity-building, human resources
      development, improving the health status of populations, and expanding the
      economic base of their countries in an environmentally sustainable manner.
      The Gender Advisory Board was established to advise UNCSTD on gender issues
      and to support national governments in implementing the policy
      recommendations of the UNCSTD Gender Working Group for equitable sustainable
      The Gateway is designed to be an information "one-stop shop" for
      development experts, governments, and the private sector. It is found at
      http://gstgateway.wigsat.org <http://gstgateway.wigsat.org>
      The Gender Advisory Board web site is found at
      http://gab.wigsat.org\ <http://gab.wigsat.org\>
      The site was conceived and developed by Women in Global Science and
      Technology (WIGSAT) for the Gender Advisory Board, with the financial
      support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands and input from
      the Association of Women in Science (US).
      For information, contact:
      Sophia Huyer, Associate Coordinator
      Gender Advisory Board, UN Commission on Science and Technology
      for Development
      623 Brimley Road
      Grafton, Ontario K0K 2G0 Canada
      Tel (1-905) 349-9962; Fax (1-905) 349-2066
      shuyer@... <mailto:shuyer@...>
      http://gstgateway.wigsat.org <http://gstgateway.wigsat.org>

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