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  • Barbara A. Mathieu
    thanks, much! I regretted missing the meeting, but I knew it was not a good time to leave town with my mother s very poor condition. In fact she passed on
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 7, 2002
      thanks, much! I regretted missing the meeting, but I knew it was not a good time
      to leave town with my mother's very poor condition. In fact she passed on Feb.
      8. I've been her primary care giver since '95 when my dad died.


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      Here's a cut and paste:

      Coral Room
      Fort Lauderdale Beach Holiday Inn
      Fort Lauderdale, FL
      Executive Board Meeting
      20 February 2002

      Officers, Chairs, Past-Presidents Present: Len Lieberman (Central Mich
      MI), Mark Lewine (Cuyahoga CC, OH), Mel Johnson (Southeast CC, NE), Bob
      Muckle (Capilano C, BC), Anthony Balzano (Sussex CCC, NJ), Diane Wilhelm
      (Middlesex CC, NJ), Lloyd Miller (Des Moines Area CC, IA), Ann
      (Cuyahoga CC, OH), Mark Tromans (Broward CC, FL), Ellen C.K. Johnson (C
      DuPage, IL)

      Others Present: Rebecca Cramer (Johnson CCC, KS), Diane Chidester
      (Jefferson CCC, KY), Adrian Novotny (Long Beach City C, CA)

      1. Opening: Meeting convened at 5:11p.m. Mel Johnson presiding.

      2. Minutes: Washington, DC minutes from November 2001 reviewed and
      approved unanimously with the following change: the Invited Session for
      November 2002 being organized by Len Lieberman will be one and
      three-quarters hours rather than three and three-quarter hours.

      3. Treasurer's Report: Budget for 2002 discussed, moved and approved
      unanimously. The budget runs from January 1 to December 31. Our assets
      increased by $2300 during the twelve month period ending December 31,
      We are estimated to lose at least $2300 at this conference.

      4. Immediate Past President Report: Len noted that he submitted the
      SACC 2001 annual report to AAA. See Len if you are curious about it.

      5. President-Elect Report: Bob noted that organizing the poster
      sessions for AAA 2002 meetings in New Orleans is going well. He also
      reported that the SACC 2003 meeting in Vancouver will be in April, 2003.
      Mark noted that although people might "bitch" about April, this meeting
      February did not attract well. Some ideas for activities in Vancouver
      include world music, a trip to Victoria, and exploration of
      neighborhoods. Bob will crystal everything before we meet in New

      6. President's Report: No Report.

      7. Five-Fields for 2002: Len noted that Omara is working on the
      five-fields and feels comfortable that things are going well.

      8. Vice-President for Membership & Development Report: Mark discussed
      the SACC Membership Revitalization Plan. Mark plans to talk to the AAA
      Grants Officer ___________, who will attend tomorrows meeting, about
      a AAA grant to attract new membership.

      9. Editor's Report: Lloyd reported that SACC now has its own ISSN
      (International System Serial Number). The SACC ISSN is 1537-1751.
      placed a biennial clarion call for thoughts, observations, data or
      what-have-you for future Anthropology Newsletter columns. Lloyd has
      received two of the November 2001 five-field papers for publication in
      Notes: Teaching Anthropology. Lloyd has also received five papers from
      Oaxaca April 2001 meeting for consideration.

      10. Program Chair Report: No Report.

      11. SACC Student Award/Student Fellowship: No Report.

      12. K-12 Network and Community Outreach: No Report.

      13. Web/Listserve Report: Ann noted that our website experienced
      problems for about three months this past fall. After a good amount of
      aerial cyber-twists our new website now operates out of the Republic of
      Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean (this is not a joke). The new
      address is "anthro.cc" (Note: There is no .org.). The SACC listserve
      currently has 72 subscribers. "Why only 72?" they ask, "Don't we have
      hundred members?" Who knows what lurks in the hearts of the SACC
      membership? Ann noted that the Oaxaca Photo CD will be ready within a
      couple of months for sale. The price of the CD will be about ten

      14. Regional Networks Report: No report.

      15. Internal Grants: No report.

      16. Regional Vice-President Reports: No reports.

      17. Logo Sales: Mel noted that we need someone to take up the task of
      managing logo sales since Phil has other commitments. A question arose
      Phil should retain the title of "Lord of the Kokopelli Logo." Owing to
      Professor Stein's perspicaciousness, many years of devoted service, and
      being an first-class bon vivant, the question was dismissed forthwith.

      18. Endowments: We need $20,000 to start an endowment. If $20,000 is
      not achieved by a certain time, the money is forward to our general
      The general membership must approve the establishment of the endowment.
      first step is to apply to the AAA to have an endowment. Mel suggested
      formation of a Committee for the SACC Endowment Fund composed of three
      silverbacks or greybeards and three SACC ingenues. The Committee will
      one day before the November 2002 New Orleans meetings in order to draft
      endowment proposal for consideration by the SACC membership. SACC will
      one night hotel and two meals, and the AAA registration fees for the
      of the Committee for the SACC Endowment Fund. Mel, Ellen, and Mark
      volunteered to serve as silverbacks/greybeards on this committee.

      19. Other Business: Dinner for the executive committee will be at
      Frankie and Vinnie's Restaurant. Many thanks and toasts and honors to
      Tromans for dealing with conference details. We are meeting tomorrow
      with a
      "high level" delegation from the AAA to discuss SACC concerns. It was
      that J. Desmond Clark, expert on the archaeology of Africa, passed away
      week (Feb 14) in Oakland, CA.

      20. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:54 p.m.

      Respectfully submitted,

      Anthony Balzano

      Atlantic Room
      Fort Lauderdale Beach Holiday Inn
      Fort Lauderdale, FL
      Business Meeting
      21 February 2002

      1. Mel Johnson, SACC Treasurer, opened meeting at 9:03 a.m.

      2. Mel called for the approval of the November 2001 Washington, DC
      meeting minutes. Approved.

      3. President's Report: No report.

      4. Treasurer's Report: Mel reported that we earned about $2300 last
      and that our finances are stable.

      5. Secretary Report: Tony welcomed everyone to Fort Lauderdale.

      6. Vice-President for Membership & Development Report: Mark Lewine
      reported on the SACC revitalization plan which includes creating
      networks, and a SACC teacher award.

      7. Immediate Past President Report: Len's words of wisdom were spoken
      everyone heard: "Thank you all for being cooperative."

      8. President-Elect Report: Bob reported that our 2003 meeting will be
      Vancouver. Planning is going well.

      9. Program Chair Report: Lloyd (reporting for Mary Pulford) reported
      some adjustments to the conference agenda because of the absence of a
      of presenters. This will especially affect tomorrow's roundtables;
      we'll go
      with the flow.

      10. Editor's Report: Lloyd noted that our publications are for sale at
      registration table. Future publications will include five-field
      SACC has its own ISSN.

      11. Other business: Mel has assumed the duties of managing logo sales.
      Mel noted that the Executive Committee has approved the formation of an
      Endowment Committee that will include SACC ingenues Roya Falahi, Adrian
      Novotny, and Rebecca Cramer along with SACC silverbacks/greybeards Mark
      Lewine, Mel Johnson and Ellen C.K. Johnson. Discussion ensued on the
      of full-time community college anthropology positions that are being
      discontinued. Finally, the meeting sends its "get well" to Chuck
      along with a "blessing" that it would wholeheartedly endorse him for
      term as SACC president (2004-2006) should he want to do so.

      12. Meeting adjourned at 9:36 am.

      Respectfully submitted,

      Anthony Balzano

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      I was unable to open the attached file. Suggestions, please?

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