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FW: Graduate Students Wanted for Web Project (fwd)

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Subject: Graduate Students Wanted for Web Project (fwd)

      Forwarded. Please send comments/inquiries to the address below. Hugh.
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      Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 21:25:15 -0400
      From: Dan O'Shea <doshea@... <mailto:doshea@...>
      Subject: Graduate Students

      I'm looking for graduate students and TAs to join me in creating a new
      online Academic Research Directory. The most important qualification is a
      love of teaching!
      I am a professor at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida who is
      working with CommonPlaces, a university-focused online community
      headquartered in Cambridge, MA.
      Our web-based group fosters vibrant online exchange by discipline and offers
      both institutions and students a complimentary set of Internet tools for
      academic research, teaching, and for personal productivity. Important
      features include an academic research directory, online calendar, financial
      aid and scholarship information, free email for life, and other scholarly
      services of particular interest to faculty and students.
      Since there is never a charge for participation, usage is expected to grow
      rapidly over the coming months.
      Aside from help expanding your academic credentials, and providing greater
      visibility in the profession, our group offers a small continuing
      honorarium. But the key qualification remains a love of teaching and a
      desire to make a significant impact on undergraduate education.
      I am particularly interested in reaching women and other members of
      traditionally under-represented groups.
      What a wonderful way of creating a national electronic scholarly community!
      Writing a brief online article about a professional specialty... and hosting
      an occasional online chat... is all that is required.
      I look forward to discussing our plans with you!
      Prof. Dan O'Shea
      Message me toll free at 1-888-271-9854 ext. 405, direct 1-727-784-5245, or
      email: faculty@... <mailto:faculty@...>
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