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FW: [ANTHRO-L] new Indian book: The Indian Encyclopaedia [fwd]

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    ... From: Hugh Jarvis [mailto:hjarvis@BUFFALO.EDU] Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 2:37 PM To: ANTHRO-L@LISTSERV.ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU Subject: [ANTHRO-L] new Indian
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      FW: [ANTHRO-L] new Indian book: The Indian Encyclopaedia [fwd]

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      From: Hugh Jarvis [mailto:hjarvis@...]
      Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 2:37 PM
      To: ANTHRO-L@...
      Subject: [ANTHRO-L] new Indian book: The Indian Encyclopaedia [fwd]

      [Another book, folks. Details below. Hugh]

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      From: K.K.Agencies [mailto:kkagen@...]
      Sent: Monday, March 04, 2002 9:30 AM
      Subject: The Indian Encyclopaedia - a Great Reference Work/E
                                                             E/Editor's Pick:

      Here is a great Reference Work, to be out soon, which could be of
      to you. The Special Price offer is on all orders received till 30 April
      Also, we _make all shipments by registered AIRMAIL with no additional
      charges_. You may give a reference to this bulletin while ordering. For
      ordering details please refer at the end.


      The Indian Encyclopaedia : Biographical, Historical, Religious,
      Administrative, Ethnological, Commercial and Scientific / Edited by
      Kapoor.  1st ed. New Delhi, Cosmo Publications.  2002.  29 cm.  25 Vols.
      List Price: $ 2666.70 (25-vol. Set)     Your Price: $ 2400 (25-vol. Set)
      ISBN: 8177552570 (Set)          KK-18021


      The subject matter of this Encyclopaedia is not only India but the whole
      the Indian Sub-continent and includes articles & entries on almost all
      subject areas in Art, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Pure & Applied
      Sciences. It presents, in the 46,000 odd entries, the information
      from contributors and scholars, in a condensed form. Organised
      alphabetically, the work guides the user, quickly, to the required
      information and related knowledge through an extensive system of

      Specifically, the Encyclopaedia contains entries on every Ethical,
      Political and Religious Movement; each Philosophical, Spiritual and
      Ideas ever propounded; Vedic Literature, the Puranas, the Epic
      the Upanisads and the philosophy they contemplate; popular and
      tradition-bound Festivals, Vows and Practices; all important Personages,
      Deities and Places whether famous or infamous; all major Political and
      Social Events, including the Players who made these events possible;
      Ethnic, Linguistic and Regional Divisions along with almost all the
      important Races, Peoples, Tribes and Castes, Scheduled Castes, etc.; the
      Wedding Practices, Wedding Songs, unique Rituals and Customs observed by
      Individual Communities, including mundane but significant Practices and
      Beliefs like Grah Puja, Nazar Uttarna and Graha Pravesh; Forbidden Foods
      and the Role of Spirits, Spirit Worship, Ancestor Worship, Serpent and
      Worship, Food for the Dead and Burial Rites; the Dynasties which ruled
      India and its regions, from the ancient times to the modern period,
      including Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Foreign Rulers and their Kingdoms,
      with genealogies and chronologies; Hindu Pantheon, Sikh Gurus and their
      places of Pilgrimage, Muslim and Sufi Saints; various Wars, its Heroes
      those Events which changed the course of wars; the Stock Exchanges, its
      dynamic and progressive Industrial Scenario; the role and position of
      (Non-Resident Indians); Important Ministries, related Departments and
      Autonomous Bodies; Medical Sciences including articles on Anatomy,
      Bone-setting, Medicine, Vedic-Reiki, etc; Mathematics including Hindu
      Geometry; usage of Metals and Materials; Commercial and Economic
      and Products--natural, raw and man-made; and the concept of Zero.

      Price indicated is in US dollars.

      Libraries & institutions may straight raise their purchase orders thru
      website, e-mail, fax or post and pay routinely after receipt of
      materials &
      their corresponding invoices.

      Individual orders may be pre-paid conveniently thru credit cards or
      personal checks drawn in US dollars (favouring <K.K.AGENCIES>).
      Our comprehensive catalog can be browsed at <www.kkagencies.com>.
      We at KK are dedicated to making your experience with us more enjoyable

      With kind regards,

      K. R. Mittal                              E-mail: kkagen@...
      K. K. Agencies                                    info@...
      Online Store of Indian Publications       Website: www.kkagencies.com
      H-12 Bali Nagar                           Fax: (+0091/11)5173055
      New Delhi-110015 / India                  Phone: (+0091/11)5465925

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