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FW: Intelligent Design Group in OH

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    ... From: Skip Evans [mailto:evans@ncseweb.org] Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 7:49 PM To: evans@ncseweb.org Cc: franksgroup@fuse.net; scott@ncseweb.org;
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      FW: Intelligent Design Group in OH

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      From: Skip Evans [mailto:evans@...]
      Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 7:49 PM
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      Subject: Intelligent Design Group in OH

      Dear NCSE Supporters & Friends,

      I'm writing to you to alert you to a new Intelligent Design advocacy group
      that has formed in your state to force "Intelligent Design Theory" into the
      science standards now open to public review. Bernie Franks, a member of the
      Science Writing Team for the Ohio Department  of Education, wrote and
      informed NCSE of this new effort.

      The group, Science Excellence for all Ohioans (SEAO), is sponsored by the
      state chapter of the American Family Association. Their web site at
      http://www.sciohio.org/ provides a great deal of information about their
      efforts, including a seminar on intelligent design scheduled for Friday,
      December 14th, at the Ohio Union Lounge of Ohio State University, 1739 N.
      High St., Columbus.

      Mr. Franks plans to attend the event and asks that anyone else interested
      in attending contact him at franksgroup@.... Mr. Franks is also
      interested in hearing from parties interesting in countering the efforts of
      the ID advocates.

      Other initiatives that SEAO is planning is the introduction of a bill
      reading in part: "To enact section 3313.6012 of the Revised Code to require
      that, whenever the theory of evolution is included in the instructional
      program of a school district or educational service center, the scientific
      evidence both supportive and not supportive of the theory be included."
      Their web site lists State Representative Linda Reidelbach as the bill's

      This is clearly an attempt to bring ID or creationism into Ohio state's
      public school science classes.

      Also posted on their web site is a document outlining their proposed
      changes to the standards. It can be found on their web site at:


      Included in their recommendations are the removal of any reference to the
      age of the earth and citations from the writings of anti-evolutionist
      Michael Denton, and ID advocate Michael Behe.

      NCSE will continue to work with you and other concerned parties in Ohio to
      see that your state maintains the integrity of its science standards. The
      vote is still a long way off, December of 2002, but we feel it is far
      better to get active now to counter their efforts rather than wait until
      the vote is closing in on us before we start playing catch up.

      We also urge you to start a dialogue with fellow members and activists so
      that you can present an organized voice for quality science education in
      your state. As always, NCSE will be here as a resource of information and
      advice on how best to resist the efforts of creationists and their efforts.
      Remember, we often depend on our supporters to be our ears and eyes on the
      ground. So if you come across media reports, articles about this issue, or
      any other information that will help NCSE track events please pass them on.

      If you have any questions or further information concerning this issue
      please don't hesitate to contact me.


      Skip Evans
      Network Project Director
      National Center for Science Education
      420 40th St, Suite 2
      Oakland, CA 94609
      510-601-7204 (fax)

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