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FW: Several SACC matters

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  • Popplestone, Ann
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      Subject: Several SACC matters

      Please put this on the SACC list. (Thanks, Lloyd)
      Dear SACC folks:
      I was impressed with all the quick offers I received to review the Garifuna
      Journey video. Among the respondents was a couple that has spend many years
      doing fieldwork among the Garifuna, so I have offered them the video for
      However, I have several books that are ideal for TASN reviews. Some of you
      may remember Art Niehoff-I reviewed his On Becoming Human in an earlier TASN
      issue. Art is a retired anthropologist who created his own publishing
      company (The Hominid Press) and has been coming out with something like a
      book a year for the past three years. So, in addition to the above, we have
      the following:
      Takeover: How Euroman Changed the World. l996. Written as a futuristic
      science fiction novel, it explores how European expansionists changed the
      way of life of people everywhere.
      On Being a Conceptual Animal. 1998. (From the back cover): " . . a
      captivating account of how one anthropologist went from concept to concept
      through a lifetime, and how the perceived world changed as a consequence .
      An Anthropologist Under the Bed. 1999. (From the back cover): "Author
      Niehoff [the Grandpa Moses of Sex] . . gives you stories of sexual behavior
      as it really happens-from a cockroach and chimp to foreign and American
      husbands, wives, and lovers, and finally to a detailed fictional account of
      Grandpa Moses himself."
      The main subject of all three, of course, is anthropology, but each has a
      different spin. All are written for college students and the general
      public. I think whoever reviews them will enjoy the experience, however
      they may evaluate the work. Please let me know which you want and give me
      your mailing address.
      Now another matter. Does anyone have any photos from Boston that would be
      appropriate for our Sept. AN column? If so, please send me a print by July
      16, as the column is due shortly after that date. Also, please send
      contributions for the column.
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