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FW: Culture & Agriculture conference announcement (fwd)

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      Subject: Culture & Agriculture conference announcement (fwd)

      Please send any responses to the address below! Thanks, Hugh.

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      Subject: Culture & Agriculture conference announcement

      An Interdisciplinary Conference:
      The Role of Culture in the Agriculture of the 21st Century
      San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 18-19, 2000
      In recent years, ethnographic, archaeological, archival and linguistic
      methods have been applied with much success to understanding the complex
      nature of agriculture. These advances address the culture, consumption of
      food and human nutrition, and natural resource management in the agriculture
      of the past and present and their implications for the future of
      agriculture. At the same time, the application of these methods has not been
      an unbridled success and there are failures to learn from. With almost 6
      billion people and unprecedented levels of human impact on the environment,
      the future demands innovative approaches to the relationship between culture
      and agriculture. This conference will bring together researchers and
      practitioners to take stock of these developments and chart directions for
      their application to understanding and improving the agriculture of the 21st
      The conference is being organized by the Culture and Agriculture section of
      the American Anthropological Association and will be held in San Antonio,
      Texas, February 18-19 in the year 2000. There will be plenary and poster
      sessions. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the
      journal Culture & Agriculture.
      Proposals for papers and posters are invited. 250 word abstracts should be
      sent via surface or e-mail by October 1st 1999 to David Guillet, Department
      of Anthropology, Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. 20064 (tel:
      703 847 8755; fax 202 319 4782; e-mail: guillet@...)
      <mailto:guillet@...)> . The program and other news concerning the
      conference will appear on the Culture and Agriculture web site:

      James H. McDonald
      Division of Behavioral and Cultural Sciences
      University of Texas at San Antonio
      San Antonio, TX 78249-0652 USA
      Phone: (210) 458-4673
      Fax: (210) 458-5728
      Net: jmcdonald@... <mailto:jmcdonald@...>

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