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FW: 6/8/99 Daily Report from The Chronicle of Higher Education

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      ACADEME TODAY: The Chronicle of Higher Education's

      A glance at the July-August issue of "The American Prospect":
      Why sociobiology complements liberal political philosophy
      Sociobiology-in which human behavior is explained by
      evolution-is not a threat to liberal values, writes Melvin
      Konner, a professor of anthropology and an associate professor
      of psychiatry and neurology at Emory University. Dr. Konner
      concedes that liberals' "uneasiness about sociobiology is
      understandable," given that conservatives have used evolutionary
      theory to "justify colonialism, imperialism, racism, and even
      mass murder." But he contends that the left's attacks on
      sociobiology stem from a "superficial view" of that field of
      study and of liberalism. While neo-Darwinian theories reveal
      that male aggression and child abuse may be based in evolution,
      they do not justify bad impulses "by calling them natural" or
      excuse human beings from responsibility for their actions,
      writes Dr. Konner. Rather, they emphasize the human need to
      control such impulses, he writes. Sociobiologists' claims
      actually bolster the liberal ideals of American visionaries like
      Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who conceived of the
      Constitution as a way to keep "human nature in check," he
      concludes. The magazine's World-Wide Web address is
      http://epn.org/prospect.html <http://epn.org/prospect.html>

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